President's Note

We appreciate your interest in our company. Here you can see more about us and what we do in every day work, the history and growth of the BALFIN Group and what we aim to achieve in the future.

Our business is focused on creating economic and social values in the markets where we operate. We create economic values by exploring market opportunities, particularly in the areas of retail, real estate development, banking, investments etc. in the Balkans and beyond. BALFIN Group is in a further expansion through exploration of new opportunities in other market segments using acquired market knowledge and professionalism.

We create social value by striving to be more than a growing business portfolio and especially a group of individuals active in the environment we operate. We work to meet our policies in the context of improving community life and development, environmental protection, cultural enrichment, and education in every area present with our companies and employees.

Our business plans are aimed towards the development of new ideas by providing prosperity for the community and further growth of our group. We have designed our investments towards providing quality assurance and development. As we strive to establish quality standards in the industry, our products, services, and management companies work daily to improve processes.

Our performance constantly increases and reinforces relationships we have with customers, partners, communities and other interested groups. BALFIN Group is in continuous development and growth as a result of previous investments and projects that have been successful. Even in the continuity we aim to maintain the same successful performance by further developing the quality, involvement in other economic sectors and geographical expansion of the BALFIN Group.

It is my belief and wish that you find the information you seek through our website. Also please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Samir Mane
President of BALFIN Group