October 1, 2020
AlbChrome and Fashion Group Albania make happy 123 children of miners in Bulqiza

Two companies of the Balfin Group have congratulated the children of AlbChrome miners in Bulqiza for the beginning of the new school year, through some gifts, in order to encourage them to achieve better academic results.

Through a joint donation of AlbChrome and Fashion Group Albania, children of miners in the city of Bulqiza, have received clothing items of the French brand Okaidi.

Representatives of AlbChrome and Fashion Group Albania went door to door to distribute the gifts in order to avoid mass gatherings and maintain the social distance which is so important in these times.

The director of AlbChrome in Bulqiza, Mikel Demçe, said: “This is just a small gesture to wish a good start to the children of our fellow miners. Our company’s support for the city and surroundings of Bulqiza will continue, as has been happening for many years now in various forms.”

The Executive Director of Fashion Group Albania, Elda Hysenbelli, was very enthusiastic about this initiative: “School has started, winter is approaching, so the clothes of the well-known brand Okaidi, with a high quality and suitable for children were a symbolic gift to wish a good year of school and excellent results in lessons for the little ones ”.

Albchrome is contributing in the sustainable development of Bulqiza, through investments in education. Their main focus is not only the ongoing activity of the vocational school “Asllan Keta”, but the opportunity for the best students to continue their studies in the University of Tirana, in the geology field. They will be afterwards welcomed to work in the Bulqiza mine, where they will be entrusted with important professional positions.

Fashion Group Albania has also shown continuous support for families in need, children and young people. Last year, the company has given employment possibilities to young people with Down Syndrome, while this year they joined the initiative of the Municipality of Tirana, to support with clothing and other products a vast number of mothers and children with financial difficulties.

Balfin Group is one of the few Albanian businesses, which has in its focus the sustainable development of the communities where it operates, adhering to the SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals), the UN Sustainable Development Goals, for which the Group has draft a proper action plan.

In the last year alone, BALFIN Group and the group companies have supported with about 500 thousand euros the communities in need and various social causes in the country, where a good part of this fund has gone to children and the education sector, not counting 1.2 million euros that the Balfin Group allocated to people affected by the earthquake of November 26, 2019.