June 23, 2015
Balfin Group takes the exclusive dealership of Carrefour Albania- the largest retail chain in Albania

Balfin Group, the biggest investment group in Albania and one of the biggest in the Balkans, since Mayof this year takes the exclusivity of Carrefour Albania- the largest retail chain in Albania.To embody this promise toward clients, but also to prove again the strength of Balfin Group, CarrefourAlbania has started to implement a very energetic plan. The Group experience in retail, qualified staff toface such challenges and the desire to rise the supermarkets network in the highest levels, aretransforming Carrefour Albania in a short period of time.

The work that has started in few days, quicklyis giving the desired and immediate change which is visible in Carrefour hypermarkets in QTU and TEGand in supermarkets in Tirana and in the main cities where this network is present.Balfin Group by taking the exclusivity, in a short period of time has recovered the Carrefour AlbaniaNetwork by embracing the Balfin Group philosophy to be the best in every industry and investment.With this undertaking, Balfin Group aims to increase the costumer confidence in Carrefour Albania bypromising in a near future to offer products of premium quality from the most European renownedproducers and will continue to care about them with the best offers and a lot of promotions.At the same time, in Group’s Plans is also an investment of 15 million EUR during 2015 to extend thenetwork with new supermarkets and hypermarkets which will cover all the territory of our country withhigh quality products and services.

In all investment operations, Balfin Group is followed by successful background which have anticipatedfurther developments in Albanian economy and broader.