June 18, 2018
An Albanian success story, this is the company that doubles and extends itself to Montenegro as well

At a time when the global economy, but also the Albanian economy, does not float in the coolest possible waters of the last 20 years, and when unemployment is a social plague that has affected the European continent for more than 15 years with a stronger impact , an Albanian company is preparing to double its activity, extending its activity to another Balkan state, in addition to the other three where it is currently operating.

Since joining “Balfin Group” back in 2011, Jumbo, the largest toys store in the Balkans, has made tremendous steps forward, not just in Albania but also outside its borders.

JUMBO under the name of “Kid Zone” was initially opened in November 2011 at the largest shopping center “TEG” and a year later, on November 27, 2012, in “QTU”.

Considering the great success of retail store chains in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania etc., JUMBO came as a demand of the Albanian market and was immediately embraced by the domestic market.
JUMBO’s strongest point, the one that makes it different from other providers in the market is the variety of products in different categories, because Jumbo is for the whole family. The wide range of products, quality and economic prices has made it the market leader in the category of toys for children and not only.
In detail, at JUMBO can be found a variety of producs, from children’s toys and sports articles to gardening, clothing, textiles and decor, cleaning and kitchen accessories, cure accessories, baby products, car accessories, office and school supplies , as well as material for parties and pets.

2018, the year of the big step forward
Year 2018 is the year of Jumbo’s expansion. It started off this year, opening two new shopping markets in Albania, one in Fier and one in Shkodra, but within the summer season, Jumbo will also be present in Durres. Also, the expansion plans do not finish with Albania, as in July and August Jumbo will open two new shopping markets in Kosovo, respectively in Ferizaj and Mitrovica, while autumn will find the company in another country, in Montenegro, opening the first Jumbo market in Podgorica, while in Bosnia and Herzegovina two new stores will be opened. By the end of the year, Jumbo will count 16 stores in total, of which 5 in Albania, 6 in Kosovo, 4 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 1 in Montenegro.

Doubling the number of employees, career advancement and vacancies
The confidence in employees, recognition of merit and contribution, motivates JUMBO staff and helps them in the promotion path. The company appreciates and encourages individual performance and only over the last year about 20 promotions in the company’s main position were counted .
Currently JUMBO has 354 employees in the three operating countries, and with its expansion the company is expected to almost double by 2018, bringing the number to around 620 employees.

There are currently 40 vacancies only in Albania, on the eve of the new store opening in Durres, plus two vacancies in the company’s administration. The most sought-after positions are those as store manager and kasier-orderer, but are not the only ones. Interested people can find vacancies and apply through the company’s Web site, www.jumbo.al, social networks, or e-mail hr@jumbo.al.

A remarkable success story, which proves meritocracy and the opportunity to have a career in the company, is the example of Almarin Liço, who started it as a store manager, and today is Country Manager in Kosovo.

Jumbo’s Social Responsibility 
Jumbo, like the entire Balfin Group, has often found themselves near childrens in need, as it is one of the most beloved brands for them. On June 1st this year, Jumbo chose to celebrate with students of the Roma community, “Liria” school in the city of Shkodra, for whom it had prepared special gifts. While at the end of 2017 Jumbo donated toys to the children of the fallen policemen on duty, as well as to the children of the “Pëllumbat” center.

This is an Albanian success story, with a vital impact on the lives of thousands of satisfied clients and motivated employees throughout the Balkan.
JUMBO is part of Balfin Group, the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region, known for its investment in shopping malls as “TEG” , “QTU”, “SEG”, residential and commercial development, tourism projects “Green Coast Resort” and “Vala Mar Residences”, the fashion and mining industries, as well as retail activities with the Neptun, SPAR, etc.