October 23, 2019
Getting promoted and perfecting knowledge, 4 success stories in Balfin Group

Employment is an important chapter in the professional life of each one of us and is a constant opportunity to improve and move forward

People spend a big part of their day in their workplace communicating with colleagues, superiors, taking on tasks and having to execute them. Their professional future also depends on how they interact in this environment.

In Balfin Group, Employees are given the opportunity to pursue a career in addition to sustainable employment but also prospects. This is not a sporadic one but rather a coordinated process and carefully driven by the relevant HR departments, who continually evaluate the progress made by employees and confront their improved skills with existing vacancies to complete the latter with the most qualified employees.

The Balfin Group has a diversified portfolio of investments, ranging from organized retail, real estate and shopping center management, tourism, mining and banking. This enables employees to have a long and consolidated career in Group companies, specializing in relevant profiles.

Although in some cases crossing one sector carries challenges and difficulties, the Balfin Group nonetheless gives ambitious and eager employees the opportunity to gain additional insights and enrich their range of professional skills, by making parallel moves from one sector to another.

Understandably, this is an advantage to only be part of a Group with a wide variety of economic activities.

In fact, there are not many groups in Albania that would enable an employee to specialize and gain knowledge and expertise in such a wide range of enterprises.

Below are four success stories of the Balfin Group, which prove that professional skills are valued and received the attention of a large business group that is increasingly regional, as Albania has long been a leading business group.

Klaudja Sulaj, Wholesale and Franchise Coordinator at Neptun

Claudia first began her experience with an internship at the Neptune Human Resources Department in February 2018, where she was immediately recognized for her excellent communication, organizational skills, and her ability to perform tasks very well. After the internship, in November 2018 she was awarded the position of Internal Support Specialist in the Commercial Department of Neptun, the company that has been operating in Albania for 25 years and is the only Albanian retail company with an international presence, even outside the Albanian borders. In July 2019 she was promoted to Coordinator of Wholesale and Franchise Sales, a position she currently holds. “Many of us think there are some secrets to success, or that it comes from being lucky. There are no such secrets, it is the result of training, hard work and a longing for what you do. Accuracy, accountability, and the way I worked in Neptune just as if I were employed rather than just practicing, were the key elements that helped me achieve my ultimate goal. The best message I would have for all those young people who have just come out of schools and find it impossible to find a job and get a job is: ‘Work hard, always give your best and you will be rewarded in the end, “…as it happened to me…” Klaudja recounts of the experience of her successful practice in Neptune.

Drilona Maloku, Country Manager at Jumbo in Montenegro

Drilona took her first steps at Jumbo in Kosovo, where she went through all the professional chains from system, merchandiser, store manager and regional manager.
In September 2019 she was promoted to state manager, in Montenegro, where Jumbo has recently expanded with a new market in the city of Podgorica. Jumbo is the leading company in Albania and beyond, in the trading of children’s toys and sports items, including gardening, clothing, textiles and décor, cleaning and kitchen accessories, cure accessories, baby products, car accessories, office and school items, as well as party and pet supplies.

“Given my experience in the company, it has helped me see and touch most of the positions in it, which I consider very important and necessary in maintaining a successful management position for one store and more. I have recently managed 6 stores in Kosovo and this has helped strengthen even more in terms of management. So based on these points, I find it not very difficult to manage the same company in a foreign country, since it shares the same work and experience gained over the years with people here; adding to this the observance and application of business rules, which significantly facilitate the work. The challenges are many but they also help me strengthen my career as well as advance my work so that every day will get better for both parties – both business and people, and also for me personally…” Drilona said.

Erjola, Durmishi, Sales Assitant at Stella Mare

Erjola Durmishin is part of the Stella Mare Company, which operates in the field of logistics and transport, a joint venture founded by Milsped and the Balfin Group. She joined Stella Mare in April 2017 and helped deliver a very high export volume by offering it as a high quality service. Because of this, export is the best service Stella Mare can offer customers. Thanks to her communication skills, she was promoted to the position of “Sales Assistant” and is Stella Mare’s first contact today. Stella Mare provides services to customers in Albania and Kosovo, and continues to expand Maersk’s presence in the whole region.

“The transport and logistics industry is not only difficult, but a ‘non-traditional route’ for women, not only in Albania but also globally. There are a number of factors that influence the creation of this stereotype which do multiply in Albania, but with hard work, professionalism and accuracy this kind of image gradually changes. It will still take a lot of work for us women to become masculine versions of ourselves. Although statistics show that the percentage of women in this type of industry is small, it is also a fact that in this segment of the economy there are women who have made careers, very capable ladies that inspire me ”- says Erjola about her experience.

Irta Xhahysa, Manager at QTU

Irta is part of Acrem, the management company of TEG and QTU shopping malls, a leader in real estate management and leasing. Acrem also maintains and manages important residential areas such as Rolling Hills, Ambassador 3, Val Mar and Green Coast.

Irta has had a track record of promotions and successes and has significantly increased its professional profile within a relatively short period. In May 2015 she started in the position of “Assistant to the Manager of QTU to be promoted in March 2017 to the position of Manager of Rolling Hills Residences. The following year it was promoted to the position of Manager of Viva Shopping Center in the city of Fier, got promoted again in October 2019, to the position of Manager of QTU, one of the largest shopping centers in the country.

“There is no specific formula or key to success, everyone does this by using their strengths.
I think my strong will, endurance in front of adversity, and my desire to meet and overcome all challenges and then turn them into opportunities to grow professionally have helped me.
Being part of the Acrem Company for me has been the cornerstone of my professional career. We all need constant inspiration or encouragement toward what is called success. I’m happy to follow and be part of a business model such as Balfin Group, which invests in employees, trains, develops, giving them opportunities to advance in their careers, ” says Irta of her experience.