October 28, 2019
Balfin Group launches its new Happy Card, all retail companies into a single program

Balfin Group launched the Happy Loyalty Program that marks an absolute innovation in the Albanian market as the only multi-brand scheme that offers multiple benefits to its loyal members. With the main goal of rewarding customers, Balfin Group managed to bring innovation by bringing together 5 leading companies under the same loyalty scheme.

Neptun, Smart Point, Jumbo, Spar and brands like Okaidi, Mango, Cortefiel, Geox, Women’secret, Carpisa, etc , managed by Fashion Group Albania.

Fashion Group Albania are the eldest partners present since the first day of the Happy program with the vision to include not only companies which are part of the Group, but new ones in the future.
“My Spar”, “My Fashion Card” and “Happy Card” were the previous programs of Spar, Fashion Group Albania and Neptun respectively, which successfully completed their journey by already joining forces in a new Happy Loyalty Card together with Jumbo and Smart Point.

Benefits of Happy Card
Through it you will have a great deal of advantages to Neptun, the leading company that has been operating in Albania for 25 years and is the only Albanian retail company with an international presence.
Benefits will also be great at Jumbo, the leading company in Albania and beyond in the trading of children’s toys and sporting goods, including gardening, clothing, textiles and decor, kitchen and kitchen accessories, cure accessories, products for babies, car, office and school accessories, as well as party and pets’ supplies.

Smart Point has also become a well-known and trusted store for smart devices in Tirana. Those who have trusted this company, in addition to reasonable prices, have obtained a guarantee and quality offered by an authorized dealer.

Spar is an internationally renowned brand, with a presence and activity in over 42 different countries around the world and in large and consolidated markets. Upon its arrival in Albania, Spar immediately brought innovation, standard, qualified service to the customers as well as the newest and unique products that are presented simultaneously in the European market, so your Happy card will get even more value in Spar Albania.
Lastly, even to keep up with the latest fashion styles and trends, Happy card will serve the brands of Fashion Group Albania which is a leading fashion sector company in the Albanian market. The company operates with 10 prestigious international brands in 18 stores, most of which are located in the 2 largest shopping centers in the country, in TEG and QTU, as well as in the center of Tirana. The brands in question are Prenatal, Okaidi, Mango, Springfield, Cortefiel, Geox, Women’secret, Parfois, Carpisa and Goldenpoint.

6% savings on all purchases made, over 90,000 registered in 2 months

Happy Card is an individual card designed to analyze the customer by informing him / her in personalized campaigns to directly meet their needs and making the customer return more often to enjoy the best quality shopping experience and service.
The reason why Happy is considered unique to the Albanian market is because it offers a high return on its members by rewarding them with 6% based on purchases made at all participating company stores.
From its earliest design steps, the main objective behind Happy was built on the simplicity and affordability of choices for potential members and clients.
With over 90,000 registered members in less than two months, On Solutions as program manager, they emphasis the number is expected to grow to over 150,000 loyal customers by the end of the year, to further set even more ambitious goals for next year.

How do you become a Happy membership and how are you rewarded?


A mobile number is what needed and anyone can get a loyalty card for all Jumbo, Smart Point, Spar, Fashion Group Albania and Happy + stores in Neptune. This program also offers the online registration news at www.happy.al to get a digital card with more benefits and 80 BONUS points once the registration process is completed.
Just have a Happy Card and you can immediately get points for every purchase made at all company stores. Here’s one of the biggest benefits, as every Happy Card holder is likely to be rewarded for his loyalty.
Once it reaches the level of 5000 points it receives 6 coupons with a total value of 3000 ALL while with 10,000 points it receives 5 coupons with a total value of 6000 ALL specified by the companies. Customers can now have the best shopping experience in the simplest way.

One of the elements that is particularly important is transparency to customers by giving them access to up-to-date personal data, their shopping history, real-time view of the benefits they receive, the nearest stores and the latest offers. All of this information is available in the Happy Loyalty Program app where any Android user can download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.qivos. Coming soon to iOS too.

Dedicated staff, market leader companies, personalized campaigns, special offers, high remuneration, access to direct discounts, quick accumulation of points and multiple benefits make Happy program one of the most competitive strong advantages in the market with a high potential of development never changing the customer being the common priority.