July 27, 2023
Partners in Success: Tirana Business University students meet with the leaders of BALFIN Group

Tirana Business University organized “Partners in Success”, an event that brought together the experience of 13 years as well as the future vision of the educational institution under the direction of BALFIN Group. Directors, students, alumni, and lecturers of Tirana Business University met with the leaders of BALFIN Group, where the Founder and President, Samir Mane, was also present.

Mane expressed his satisfaction that 85% of the University’s students are employed during or immediately after their studies in BALFIN Group companies and beyond, as proof of the strong bridge connecting academia with the business world.

“I am sure that with the new direction, the University will continue to grow even more. BALFIN Group will offer new generations of students the business experience of 30 years in 10 countries where we operate in various industries, along with opportunities for a successful career,” said the founder of BALFIN Group during his speech, as he expressed his willingness to mentor and support all students who aspire to become entrepreneurs.

Artan Hoxha, shareholder and former director of the University, applauded the role that BALFIN Group has had since 2014 in TBU, with its investments and the many opportunities for employment and professional internships that it has provided to students.

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“In 9 years of cooperation between TBU and BALFIN, we have achieved some very significant results. The essence of TBU these years has been that we have managed to be a school where the center of gravity is the student. Now, BALFIN Group will take it to new horizons,” said Hoxha.

The new director of the University, Altin Sholla, emphasized the novelties and benefits that will be offered by Tirana Business University, which will now be managed by BALFIN Group.

“A very important strategic pillar for Tirana Business University is internationalization. We will turn it into an elite university in Albania. Our new programs will give a great quality boost and push TBU higher,” he said.

Some of the present alumni shared their experience at Tirana Business University, focusing on the impact it had on their professional development and career opportunities.

BALFIN Group is the main shareholder of Tirana Business University, with the aim of leading it towards a new chapter of development. For upcoming students who will enroll this year and next in the faculties of TBU, in majors such as Business Management, Law, or Information Technology, the opportunities for internships and employment will be increased.