November 27, 2020
BALFIN Group successfully finalizes the second edition of Talent Pool

As a unique opportunity for career development, Talent Pool assisted eight participating candidates through technical knowledge in the format of classroom trainings; job shadowing; as well as following the program through mentoring technique, where BALFIN senior executives and managers were a solid support in their career advancement. The Talent Pool program aims to give employees the opportunity to gain knowledge, practice and advance them in their work.

The whole process for the development of this program has been a very dynamic process and with great challenges throughout each phase of it. The drafter, implementer and monitor of this process is the Human Resources Department in the BALFIN Group, which has a primary role in all parts of the program.

Balfin Group Director of Human Resources, Elvin Nosi, looks to the future after the conclusion of the second edition: “Our challenge for the future of this development program is to improve it more and more so that the experience of the participants is a added value in their professional development and in parallel to respond to the strategic priorities of the Group’s business in every moment “- he says.

The “Talent Pool Program” consists of identifying, training and professional development of talents and preparing them to take on the highest professional and managerial positions at the Group level, up to that of CEO (Executive Director) in Group companies. The program identifies talent development steps, implements them, and enables the creation of a trained team of employees (working in the various Group companies) who are offered the opportunity to advance their careers in leadership and challenging positions.

About 50% of the participants in the first edition of Talent Pool have already been promoted to senior management positions, within their own companies or in other companies within BALFIN Group. Meanwhile, referring to the second edition of Talent Pool, two of the participants have already been promoted to important management positions, among whom, one as the Executive Director (CEO) of one of the Group companies.