May 13, 2022
BALFIN Group, a key participant of Tirana Economic Forum’s 4th edition

BALFIN Group’s Real Estate Vice President, Ardiana Sokoli, and Tirana Bank’s CEO, Dritan Mustafa, participated in the 4th edition of Tirana Economic Forum held on May 10. The two leaders were invited as speakers among many distinguished leaders, to talk about banking consolidation, real estate, and tourism.

BALFIN Group’s Real Estate Vice President and the Executive Director of Tirana Bank spoke at about the current challenges, trends and developments that the respective sectors are facing, as well as the steps that the actors are taking.

“In recent years, the real estate sector has been driven by several trends according to the demands that time has brought influenced by several factors. BALFIN Group has always been as brave as well as prudent in new investments by conducting market research in advance which in addition to the offer also focuses on the preferences of potential customers,” said real Estate Vice President, Ardiana Sokoli.

“Tirana Bank has gone through a turnaround of results mainly due to drastic change of business strategy. We remain committed to growth, as demonstrated by our double-digit increasing rate of total assets, loans, and deposits over the last 3 years. We are also alert about opportunities arising from possible consolidation in the financial industry, the banking sector in particular,” said Dritan Mustafa, CEO of Tirana Bank.

Tirana Economic Forum is a high-level meeting of the most influential Albanian and international political, corporate, and intellectual leaders to address pressing challenges currently facing Albania and the world. The forum provides an opportunity to identify and assess key growth challenges, learn from policy experiences in other countries, support the adoption of corporate social innovation practices in the private sector and identify a course of policy actions towards more competitive and inclusive economies in Albania and Southeast Europe.

As one of the largest and most successful groups in the region, BALFIN Group is an important actor of the economy and a regular contributor to the Tirana Economic Forum and other similar bodies.