October 24, 2022
BALFIN Group’s third Talent Pool edition finalized, meet the graduates

The third edition of Talent Pool was finalized on the 20th of October. Designed to leverage BALFIN Group managers’ knowledge and skills, this program produced the third generation of talented graduates. The jury composed of Retail Vice President Julian Mane, Chief Transformation Officer Matilda Shehu, and Board Member Arsim Papraniku, evaluated three highly professional expansion projects from multi-company teams.

The event was greeted by the CEO of BALFIN Group, Edlira Muka. “Congratulations on accelerating your career! You have crossed an important professional milestone by demonstrating outstanding expertise and leadership. It is rewarding to witness your potential and I am sure the completion of the Talent Pool program only signifies exciting opportunities for you ahead,” she said.

For 12 months, 12 selected participants from ACREM, BALFIN HQ, BRE&H, KidZone, Mane TCI, Green Coast, Neptun Albania, Neptun Macedonia, SPAR Albania and Tirana Bank underwent intensive training and mentoring. The syllabus included highly strategic topics, leading up to the final projects.

“This program was made possible thanks to the active contribution of our VPs, CEOs and HR Managers who helped in the identification of high potential managers and continuously supported them during the program. Over and above, I want to thank our talented managers of this program for their commitment, despite the daily business challenges they face in their roles,” said Elvin Nosi, HR Director of BALFIN Group.

Congratulations to Anisa Keri, Head of Human Resources at Tirana Bank, Armando Alicanaj, CEO of Green Coast, Emiljano Qorraj, Director of Finance at KidZone Albania, Leons Tuda, Financial Services Manager at BALFIN Group, Bledjana Karafilaj, HR Director at Neptun Albania, Dimitar Stojkovski, Sales Manager at Neptun Macedonia, Melsen Caca, Finance Director at Neptun Albania, Ani Hafizi, Finance Director at SPAR Albania, Renis Koxhaj, Franchise Operational Manager at SPAR Albania, Elvira Kapoli, CFO of Tirana Bank, Satbere Hoxha, Director of Assets and Hospitality at Balfin Real Estate & Hospitality, and Fatjon Lamçe, Head of Maintenance at ACREM!

Talent Pool is a program that sets up the new generation of BALFIN Group leaders. It consists of the identification, training and professional development of talents and their preparation for taking on the highest professional and managerial positions. Furthermore, what makes this program even more versatile and innovative is the combination of theoretical training, job shadow training and individual work. Talent Pool identifies the progressive steps of this talented assembly and enables the creation of a well-prepared group of employees who are offered the opportunity to advance their career in leading and challenging positions BALFIN Group creates.