February 26, 2019
Balfin Group’s pays special attention to the 170 children of two kindergartens in Dibër and Bulqizë

Following the philanthropy auction held in December last year in Tirana under the “Giving Circles” motto where Balfin Group’s Executive Director Mrs. Edlira Muka took over on behalf of the Group to support the kindergarten of Blliçë village in Dibër, thus enabling a normal growth process for 57 children of this kindergarten, who stayed there under difficult conditions, without heat and minimal services, this support has already become a reality.


For the children of the Blliçë village kindergarten, toys were donated from Jumbo company and Balfin Group provided a financial donation for the reconstruction of the building.

Such an initiative has been undertaken within the framework of Balfin Group’s Social Responsibility also supporting the UN development objectives such as education, children’s growth, the environment and health.

But the support of Balfin Group in Dibër district has not stopped, as also during in February, 113 children from the “New City” kindergarten in Bulqiza did benefit from a significant donation made by AlbChrome (part of Balfin) for them.


In fact, through a donation worth 5,000 euros, the kindergarten is completed with electro-household appliances such as aspirators, boilers, refrigerators, two stoves, washing machines, and all other needed kitchen equipment. This contribution from AlbChrome is offered following the reconstruction of the kindergarten by the municipality of Bulqiza.

AlbChrome recently enabled the heating system to Bulqiza City Hospital too and provided continuous support to high school gymnasiums and talents that have a tendency for higher education from this city.

Both of these donations are linked to one of the key pillars of Balfin’s Social Responsibility, which is about child care and their growth welfare.

Balfin Group has been heavily involved in social responsibility over the last three years and the company has shown special attention to various categories of families or individuals in need. Under the special care of the Group President Mr. Samir Mane, there are many sad stories that the group has tried to change for good.

The company is supporting dozens of families facing difficulties in employment, education or medical assistance through various associations and organizations. The Group’s contribution to the Albanian society will increase progressively from year to year.