July 4, 2019
Elite living and the highest standard of construction at Vala Mar Residences

Located in Hamallaj, in the Lalzi Bay, on the Adriatic Sea and at the same time close to Tirana, amidst the characteristic greenery of the area, you can find one of the most elite residential and tourist complexes. It’s Vala Mar Residences, which seem to have everything that everyone would like to enjoy in complete serenity and harmony with nature, not only during the summer season or weekends, but every day of the year.

To understand more of what Vala Mar Residences has to offer and what are the technological and engineering innovations applied to this complex, we met with Mr. Erion Avram, Director of the Technical Department of Mane TCI Construction Company.

Offering the highest quality of construction and the elite level of living, is what has led our work on the design and development of Vala Mar Residences. By having this goal, we have given special importance to every element and system that brings a high standard of construction, and we can say, with conviction, that their application has undeniably brought visible results “, said Mr. Avrami.

The complex has an appropriate engineering infrastructure, which respects the morphology, characteristics and features of the area. Vala Mar Residences is designed with extensive roadways around 6 m and extensive 1.7 m pedestrian pavements on both sides of the road. The traffic of vehicles and pedestrians is regulated by the traffic signs which are orderly placed inside the complex“- continues Mr. Avram.

Vala Mar Residences is organized efficiently, from the point of view of the distribution of residential facilities and common spaces. Buildings are of different types and are combined according to a well-studied general structure.

The villas and apartments are organized orderly and rationally with a sea-oriented arrangement and all with individual parking. The parking space is constructed with tiles which have some amount of space in between them, in order to not harm the environment, increase the greenery and allow natural drainage of water, avoiding aggressive interventions. Not only the villas, but also all the ground floor apartments, have a green yard where you can spend moments of relaxation and fun with friends and family.

Focused on providing a healthy lifestyle, the team of architects has designed numerous green areas that are available to residents and vacationers in Vala Mar Residences. With a very low construction coefficient, in Vala Mar Residences, not only is the preservation of the characteristic vegetation of the area achieved, but also the enrichment of greenery as nowhere else seen before.

The facades of the buildings, in addition to the aesthetic aspect which visibly attracts the attention of anyone visiting Vala Mar Residences, are handled with great care and functionally to be resistant to atmospheric conditions and to guarantee high thermal insulation. The facade system is applied to the facades of all objects, and in the function of this system is used a graphite white color, which creates uniformity and unification of the objects.

Door and window systems are made of aluminum, with contemporary parameters and are responsive to the requirements of the project both in appearance and technical specifications of the thermal parameters. The windows of the villas and apartments are designed with a “shoulder” system, lattice and an indescribable water cap, which prevents the water from penetrating the interior. To ensure high thermal comfort, the parapets of the villa’s balconies are treated with a glass and stainless steel system, while the balconies of the apartments are treated with a 10 cm walled parapet wall, as well as a glass and stainless steel system.

The type of foundations selected and applied to all objects not only provides minimal contact with wet terrain, but also provides ventilation for the units, which results in greater durability due to the positive microclimate in both winter and summer.

At the disposal of residents and vacationers, there is also a seafront promenade, with business units such as bars, restaurants, supermarkets etc.

The advanced fire signaling system, drinking water supply system, electric lines and drainage system of the promenade, undoubtedly differentiate the Vala Mar Residences complex from others.

Vala Mar Residences has brought an elite level of living in the Lalzi Bay to anyone who seeks the comfort of an elite apartment of high quality construction, between elected communities, but also for those who seek to enjoy some relaxation time away from the daily routine.