December 7, 2018
Event of Balfin Group companies in Kosovo

An event was held on November 29 in Prishtina between representatives of Balfin and three Group’s companies in Kosovo; Neptun, Jumbo and NewCo Ferronikeli.

This meeting, arranged by the Corporate Communication Department and representatives of companies in Kosovo, had a wide attendance of the employees of the administrations of these companies and focused on presenting opportunities and potential of the Balfin Group, providing information on opportunities that each employee has on career development, capacity building and strengthening, professional training the power of the Group and the support they have being part of it.

At the same time, employees were closely acquainted with group developments, investments, peak and historical moments, management structures, policies and procedures, with focus and development plans that the Group has in Kosovo.

Participants in the meeting agreed on a number of common points that should be taken into account in order to better orient and coordinate the communication and implementation of the strategies in cooperation with each other.