August 19, 2019
Disabilities not an obstacle to employment / Ersi Pirra’s Success Story at Jumbo

People with disabilities cannot and should not be deprived of the right to participate in the active life of society, the right to education, employment and so on. Their different abilities and should not be an obstacle for them to contribute to society

This is best demonstrated by the young Ersi Pirra, a 22-year-old who is already contributing to one of the Balfin Group companies.

Ersi applied through the official channels that the Group has available to anyone interested in working in one of its companies, and at the end of the process, Ersi fulfilled the position qualities for which he had applied, and on this occasion his employment with the company Jumbo Albania.

This company is well known for selling children’s toys, sportswear, gardening items, etc.

Ersi has been attentive over the years to the Balfin Group activities and the care shown to people with disabilities. He was looking for a contractor to start a new job after a previous project he had been engaged in was completed on time. After the first contact, Ersi conducted an interview with the Balfin Group Human Resources Department in Tirana and after 3 months he was hired by Jumbo Company in TEG.

If in other places situations of this kind can fall on deaf ears, the opposite happens in the Balfin Group, especially given the special attention paid to people with disabilities.

It must be said that everyone who attended the case felt so excited in Ersi’s positivity and willpower that they could not hide the happiness of his employment.

At Jumbo, they have been really impressed by Ersi, they say he is an exemplary employee in the first steps of his new job, very timely, so much so that he has become an example to everyone, as he is always the first employee appearing in the store, always before the official opening hour of the business day.

Ersi is already wrapping up his third month as an employee at Jumbo in Tirana, and we went to get his first impressions of his experience.

The interview

How long have you been working for Jumbo and what is your specific task?

I have about two and a half months already. I started work on June 1st. One of my main tasks is to keep the warehouse environment tidy, as well as helping other guys in the department.

How did you feel in the early days of work?

I first conducted an interview with Balfin and then the Group addressed me to Jumbo at TEG. At Jumbo, my HR colleagues made everything easier for me, and made sure everything went as it should.

What are your impressions of these first months of experience in the company?

My experience so far is pretty good, I feel very good here, especially with the colleagues.

How does a normal work day for Ersi begin and how does it continue?

The day begins with a morning meeting for the tasks breakdown. Like others, I am charged with day-to-day affairs. Then for everything else, we communicate and receive instructions from the warehouse supervisor or assistant.

What would highlight from your experience on working with your colleagues?

Good communication not only in the warehouse department, but also with other colleagues who are very polite and communicative.

What does it mean to work at an international company like Jumbo?

For me to simply work at Jumbo is a lot, especially when it comes to an international company, so I’m very pleased.

What is one of the elements of work that you enjoy most?

Fulfilling all the tasks assigned to us by the supervisor in a timely manner, that makes me feel good.