December 17, 2021
Introducing Neptun Reinvented in North Macedonia

Neptun Macedonia is introducing many innovations to the market with its revolutionary five-year strategy. At the unique Reinvented corporate event, Neptun Macedonia representatives presented to the employees the company’s successes and achievements over the past year. The attendees had the chance to learn about what comes next for Neptun Macedonia in its plan to disrupt the North Macedonian market.

“Everything that has happened globally since the beginning of 2020, as well as everything that continues to happen as a result of the pandemic, the economy then and now, the energy crisis, could make us more insecure in our beliefs. But just like always, Neptun Macedonia did not respond to all these challenges with withdrawal, but by bravely facing the situation, taking initiatives that will continue to evolve, and maintaining a leading position in the market – not only through top financial results, but also by introducing new standards of quality, professionalism, and attitude towards customers,” said the Executive Director of the company, Goran Cvetinov.

The motivational speaker at the event was Blagoja Milevski, the coach of North Macedonia’s national football team, who shared his experiences from working with sports stars, how they managed to reach the qualification for next year’s World Cup in Qatar, as well as his views on the importance of teamwork and individual investment in achieving significant results.

Part of the goals that the company intends to achieve in 2022, in addition to increasing market share, is the renovation of several stores for them to align with the Neptun brand. Relocation of a certain part of the stores, establishment of a sales academy, as well as the promotion of talent programs for employees are some of the strategic developments that were presented at the event.

The company’s 5-year strategy shows Neptun Macedonia’s commitment remain the first choice of consumers when it comes to innovative technologies and comprehensive solutions that improve life. The company, part of BALFIN Group, aims to sustain growth and development, but also to continuously uphold social responsibility and care for its employees. As the key values of BALFIN Group, these principles make the strong fundamentals of success.