July 2, 2018
Milsped Albania expands the international fleet, now the most efficient in the EU, the Balkans and Turkey

Milšped Albania continues its growth in the international road transport sector by expanding its fleet with three semi-trailer vehicles and intensifying its services in EU countries, the Balkans and Turkey.
Expanding these services comes as a decision by the two groups, Balfin and Milsped.
Milšped Albania is a joint venture between the Milšped Group and Balfin Group, two prestigious international groups, and extends cooperation in the field of transport and logistics services in the Albanian market.
The company has started its activity in March 2014. Since its inception, it has implemented high standards in all its business segments and is guided by the highest experience of the Milšped Group.

With 50 employees and specializing in warehousing, customs brokerage, distribution, international transportation of land, air, sea and rail transport, Milšped Albania has a storage space of 8,200m², with fridge rooms and environmental sections.
With its fleet and a large number of reliable subcontractors, it is ready to bring the company closer to all the requirements and needs of the customers with the quality they are taught.
Through its professionalism, Milšped Albania uses experience, innovation, expertise and knowledge accumulated over 25 years of hard work in the field of transport and logistics.

Its purpose is to strengthen its position and service levels for the clients and partners in:
• Transportation of heavy tonnage
• Loading and unloading

Balfin Group, which is in this joint venture with Milsped, is the largest and most innovative investment group in Albania and one of the largest in the region, renowned for investment in TEG, QTU, SEG shopping centers, residential development and commercial, tourism projects such as Green Coast Resort and Vala Mar Residences, the fashion and mining industry, as well as retail activities with Neptun, SPAR, etc.