July 6, 2022
Neptun Albania, the six-time champion of Balfin Volleyball Championship

Yesterday evening, in a jovial atmosphere at the Olympic Park in Tirana, Neptun Albania won the ninth edition of the Balfin Volleyball Championship.

This is the sixth time in nine editions that Neptun lifts the champion’s trophy, which was proudly handed by the Retail Vice President of BALFIN Group, Julian Mane.

In the fourth finals against their historical rivals, ACREM, Neptun scored 3-1, winning the respective sets by 25-12, 25-11, 23-25, 25-13.

The final was full of grit and battle. Both teams put their best efforts into the competition. Initially, the game seemed to lead in favour of Neptun, that easily won the first two sets. However, ACREM responded agilely, winning the third set and temporarily refuelling the game. At the point ACREM was expected to continue the turn, Neptun sealed the victory by winning the fourth set as well.

Last year, it was Mane TCI’s team championing the finals with Neptun, whereas the latter advanced by winning the international finals, where finalists from Kosovo companies’ teams also participated.

The other two champion titles in the history of this tournament were won by BALFIN and ACREM.

TV Scan host, Jenida Vladi, moderated the final event, and the celebration ceremony featured the award of other prizes as well.

Jumbo was awarded the “Fair Play” prize.

Flora Kaca from ACREM was awarded the “Best Female Player” prize.

Alban Skënderaj from Neptun was awarded “Most Appreciated Player” of the championship.

Kliton Saraçi from Elektro-Servis received the “Best Shooter” award.

After the game, the event organizers, and the Communications Department of the BALFIN Group hosted a festive reception for hundreds of participants, fans and players attending the event, who joyfully celebrated together to the sound of music at the “Feti Borova” sports hall in the Olympic Park.

For several years now, BALFIN organizes the finals in one of the best sports facilities in Albania, thanks to the cooperation with the Parks and Recreation Agency at the Municipality of Tirana and the Superior Volley Association, which cooperation dates back years ago.

This championship is of great importance for the BALFIN Group, as in addition to socializing and strengthening the team spirit among employees, as well as promoting an active lifestyle, it best represents partnership, one of the Group’s fundamental values.