February 10, 2022
Neptun Macedonia awarded “Best Store” in the category of Household Appliances

The 15th edition of the Month of Trade, an annual project implemented by the City of Skopje in cooperation with SWOT Research Agency, awarded Neptun Macedonia as the “Best Store” in the category of household appliances. Throughout November 2021, Neptun Macedonia was, among many other retailers, subject to mystery shopping assessment, carried out by independent and objective secret buyers. A total of 723 visits to 241 stores evaluated the quality of service according to several criteria such as: appearance of the point of sale, first contact with employees, COVID-19 measures, customer service & satisfaction, etc. in which Neptun Macedonia scored the highest overall score.

A true case of national success in retail, Aleksandra Tasevska, Corporate Marketing Coordinator at Neptun Macedonia, reveals what this experience was like, and how they got there.

What does this award mean to Neptun Macedonia?

This award is a validation and vindication of the dedication that has gone into our work and our brand. We have a great team; they share in this achievement. We have loyal customers – they too enjoy and celebrate our recognition. Our aim is to create a strong brand experience. It feels incredible to have your efforts recognized and it’s really important to stay motivated and follow the right path.

What does it take to win such an acknowledgement?

At Neptun, we value integrity. We are conscious that you’re only going to see success if you truly commit. Consistency and dedication are key for long-standing and sustainable results.

What differs Neptun’s team and shops from other retailers in the country?

There is no secret, we offer great customer service. Our brand identity clearly establishes who we are and what we stand for. Neptun Macedonia considers the entire customer experience, from the first time they visit our stores. Our employees, as experts of the field, provide a unique opportunity to the customers in order to differentiate our brand. Our store teams are highly trained on how they can uphold our brand differentiation standards.

How did Neptun Macedonia employees react to this news?

Our excellent colleagues are self-satisfied with this award that guarantees they reflect the values, mission, and goals of our organization.

What are Neptun’s key objectives for this year?

To enhance the customer experience and stand out through in-store personalization. We are following an approach that can take the shopping experience from run-of-the-mill to highly memorable, like loyalty programs and in-store technology. We are crafting and implementing our retail strategies knowing that both online and physical stores must become more creative, comfortable, and safer than ever. Technology will be the key driver of the industry transformation. Neptun Macedonia has a relentless focus on using technology to increase the added value to consumers. We will make even bigger efforts to improve product delivery, all in order to maximize the shopping experience, offline or online.

As two of BALFIN Group’s core values, Innovation and Partnership go hand in hand when it comes to achieving results. Neptun Macedonia is constantly improving, upgrading, and innovating its operations. Coupled with the synergy of its staff, this prize will surely be followed by others.