November 13, 2020
Spar Albania supports the Labyrinth against children violence in Tirana

Spar Albania has supported the next awareness campaign against children violence organized by World Vision Albania, in the frame of social responsibility policies and vision of Balfin Group.

A labyrinth has been set up in Skanderbeg Square in Tirana, in which the challenge is to find a way out by answering various questions about violence against children. Through 8 to 10 questions prepared by experts, challengers will become interactively aware of their role as a citizen / parent / family of a child.

Spar Albania has contributed to enable this project, the presentation of which took place yesterday in Skanderbeg Square as a collaboration of World Vision Albania with the support of Spar Albania, as well as in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, The Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and the Municipality of Tirana.

The labyrinth will remain open for 8 days and in accordance with anti-COVID-19 measures. Violence against children continues to be one of the most disturbing phenomena in Albania, even more evident during emergencies. According to the report on the impact of the pandemic on the well-being of children and families in Albania, 50% of parents report the presence of verbal violence and 20% of them report the presence of physical violence at home. This is the purpose of the installation of the project ‘In the Labyrinth’, located in the center of Tirana.

Representatives of Balfin stated that the social responsibility policies which are supported by the Group for years now, find more effective implementation and bring solutions to problems, when addressed by specialized organizations, located closer to the problems. The purpose of Balfin Group, in addition to creating businesses with international standards and creating new jobs, is to contribute to all communities and people in need, wherever its businesses operate, in Albania, but also in the countries of other Western Balkans, where the Group is present.

Spar Albania has been a constant supporter of World Vision Albania initiatives, of which may be mentioned the other program “Tungjatjeta”. Thanks to this cooperation, funds gathered have provided for 72 children with special needs about 2048 services and various therapy sessions, such as speech therapy, developmental therapy, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, etc. Parents have been also informed and trained to better understand the specific needs of children and how to better help them develop. So far the project has been extended to the area of ​​Dibra, Librazhd, Prrenjas and Bulqiza.

During the last year alone, Balfin has contributed with over 500 thousand euros for these causes, not counting the 1.2 million euros that the Group donated in favor of people affected by the earthquake of November 26, 2019 in Albania.