December 16, 2021
Talent Pool’s 3rd edition: a School of Leadership within BALFIN Group

A primary focus of any employee’s experience is career and leadership development. Studies have shown that employers with active internal career management programs enjoy 41% higher staff retention rates. Internal recruitment is a crucial talent strategy for BALFIN Group, which has been supported through Talent Pool.

Talent Pool is a program that sets the new generation of BALFIN Group leaders since 2017. It consists of the identification, training and professional development of talents and their preparation for taking on the highest professional and managerial positions. The 2021 edition was recently launched, and it is only fair that expectations are even higher this year.

“We are eager to witness the results of this year’s dynamic and demanding process. Over three editions, Talent Pool has proved itself a successful program of BALFIN Group that provides essential mentoring to aspiring leaders. What’s more important, because this program brings together talented managers with diverse backgrounds from different, dynamic industries and companies, it enables a unique synergy and experience exchange, which is an added value to the training delivered,” said Elvin Nosi, BALFIN Group HR Director.

15 selected participants from ACREM, BALFIN Headquarters, BRE&H, Green Coast, KidZone, Mane TCI, Neptun Albania, Neptun Macedonia, SPAR Albania and Tirana Bank will undergo intensive training and mentoring in the following 6 months. The syllabus includes highly strategic but also compelling topics such as Project Management, Leading Innovation, Agile and Empathetic Leadership, etc. Furthermore, what makes this program even more versatile and innovative is the combination of theoretical training, job shadow training and individual work.

Designed to leverage BALFIN Group managers’ knowledge and skills, this program will produce the third generation of talented graduates by September 2022. Talent Pool identifies the progressive steps of this talented assembly and enables the creation of a well-prepared group of employees who are offered the opportunity to advance their career in leading and challenging BALFIN Group positions as they become available. As one of the most productive and sustainable platforms in place at BALFIN, Talent Pool is a true School of Leadership within the Group.