June 24, 2022
The Executive Leadership Team gathers in Vienna to discuss the growth of BALFIN Group

On June 23 – 24, BALFIN Group held the Executive Leadership Team Meeting in Vienna, Austria, with the attendance of the President of the Group, the CEO, the Vice Presidents, the Executive Directors of all Group companies, and the Group HQ’s Directors of Departments. This annual meeting is of significant importance regarding the strategic direction of BALFIN Group.

The agenda of this senior management meeting covered various interactive topics on the present and future of BALFIN Group. The meeting was commenced by the CEO of BALFIN Group, Edlira Muka, whose remarks focused on the achievements of 2021. Furthermore, Vice Presidents elaborated on the sectorial updates and the strategy for the next two years. Another interesting item on the agenda was the keynote on strategy effectiveness and Q&A with guest speaker Christo Popov, the Founder and CEO of Fast Track, who also led the Fast Track Way Workshop earlier this year with senior executives.

“I would like to express my appreciation for the leadership you have demonstrated in your respective departments and companies, while endowing innovation, creating equal opportunities for our people to grow, and leaving a positive footprint on society. From here, we can only grow bigger,” said BALFIN Group President, Samir Mane, in his message to the attendees, which was followed by a highly interactive Q&A session.

The open discussion with Group CEOs on what BALFIN Group can improve to respond to future challenges, was perhaps the most important item on the agenda, and it will serve as the basis for future strategic decisions. As every year, the meeting’s discussion topics will be shared with the Group staff.

BALFIN Group pays special attention to the conduction of similar assemblies that contribute to the development and improvement of various Group operations, be it expansions, new enterprises, HR approach, sectorial strategy, etc.