February 4, 2019
“Tungjatjeta” program, how can we all make a contribution to these wonderful Albanian children?!

Spar Albania for two years now has been part of the “Tungjatjeta” social program, with the will and the desire to help children in need. This Program, initiated by World Vision Albania, is aimed at integrating children with Different Abilities.


What makes this program unique is the fact that each child is not treated separately.

So in this program’s framework, the work is headed with all the elements of the basic triangle affecting the life of the child: the child himself, the family and the community.

In this way, not only does the child receive health care, but legal guardians, family members, peers, and other community members that become key factors in the child development plan.

They are consulted and trained for each specific case to assist the integration process of these children.

This program’s motto is “We want to say hello (Tungjatjeta) today!”

Spar Albania has joined the initiative with its contribution since 2017 and continues to support this humanitarian cause, serving and protecting the lives of minors every day, so that they also have the opportunity to take the first steps towards their future.

Water as a form of life for people in need

The project is being implemented in several forms.

Since drinking water is vital, Spar has decided to give a more active life to children with different abilities precisely through it. Spar Albania has taken the initiative to personalize “Uji Spar” and for this 5 ALL of each bottle sold have gone to support this project.

Since October 2017, a total of 93,982 bottles were sold, accumulating a total value of 469,910 ALL.

This is a proof that all together, we can do a lot for these children in need.

Another help to this cause has been the food packages. By donating their products, loyal customers of Spar Albania have donated and continue to donate food to help these children, filling the boxes placed next to every store of Spar’s chain.

For 2018, 135 food packages were collected, corresponding to a total of 634,500 ALL.

Also, another form of support is the placement of donation boxes on each of the Spar Marketplaces and Hypermarkets. Each of us can make his contribution to LEK for their livelihoods.

These donations go to the developmental therapy of the children in question. A team of specialists like logoped, physiotherapist, psychologist, social worker, etc., constantly visits the children at home and provides the necessary therapy.

Funds collected under this cause in the boxes placed in the Spar markets, from July 2017 to December 2018 were 930,530 ALL. Those income go for the cure and the daily care of 36 children.

Because a child’s smile is worth more than any coin or donated food…

Balfin Group and its companies, part of which is also Spar Albania, are committed to maximizing their attention to social responsibility issues and through various associations and NGOs, contribute to the community, as is the case of the cooperation between Spar Albania and World Vision Albania.