February 9, 2018
Your new second home in Green Coast Luxury Resort

Green Coast Luxury Resort, a hidden getaway gem in the magical Ionian Coast in Albania

Green Coast – a brand new luxury resort in Balkans – is strategically built in Palasa, one of the best locations in Albanian Riviera, between the cities of Vlora and Himara. The village of Palasa is known for its rare natural beauty, as it displays a unique combination of mountain and sea, a place where you can experience all flavors of the four seasons. Palasa Beach, adorned by a glorious ribbon of white sand and rock lapped by turquoise waters and endless underwater beauties, is the first reason to plan your gateway to this magnificent oasis in Albanian Riviera.

Palasa is a historical name that dates back to the ancient Pelasgians. Julius Caesar landed his army on Palasa beach from Brindisi on his battle against Pompey, who was located in Orikum. At that time, Palasa was a trade center making use of its harbor until the pirates made it their target, this then brought about its economic destruction.
The Greek soldiers used the light of the white rocks of the stream, which they called “the White Routes’ to guide themselves in the sea, known as “Delta”.
The gastronomy, vegetation, farming complete the puzzle of this area exquisiteness.

Albania has been identified and increasingly evaluated as an up and coming world-class destination for foreign tourists. Prestigious international media such as Lonely Planet, the Huffington Post, Telegraph, RaiTre, etc., are listing Albania among the places to be visited. A warm climate and 300 sunny days annually offer the opportunity to enjoy the sea tourism, mountain tourism, cultural and historic tourism, the agriculture and the gastronomy.
Being near Italy, Montenegro, Greece, and Croatia, having rich natural resources and a welcoming nature and being also a low-cost destination, Albania is becoming the favorite Mediterranean destination.
And for those looking to invest in real estate, Green Coast Luxury Resort is by definition a spot not to be missed.
Green Coast Luxury Resort extends on more than 20 hectares of land, offering a selection of properties that combines the elegance of architecture with the precious values of nature, history and culture. A variety of luxurious, stylish and spacious villas with garden and apartments overlooking the sea, a 5-stars luxury hotel, integrated service, entertainment facilities, and a promenade along the seashore will exceed the residents and visitors expectations. The Green Coast Hotel is projected to welcome visitors throughout the year, so guests will enjoy the nature of this wonderful place and services during all seasons.
The first properties and Lungomare services will be available this summer, with the first phase due to open in the second half of 2018.
In addition to the beauty of the nature, Green Coast provides proximity to other touristic locations rich in historical and cultural values. Here we mention Vlora and Saranda that are about 1 hour away, or Himara that can be reached within 30 minutes’ drive.
The location at the resort also provides great opportunities for sport lovers to indulge in various sports activities, such as sailing, diving, canoeing, parachuting or exploring the sublime and almost untapped underwater world. The professional guides will be hired to organize tourist trips around the villages, taste the exquisite local foods, enjoy the scenery, and visit archeological places and other historical sites. Green Coast Luxury Resort will offer for its inhabitants or hotel guests in the winter, the possibility of doing winter sports with special dedicated areas.

It’s time to invest in your holiday home in Green Coast Luxury Resort

Green Coast is the project under development that will bring a new standard in the Albanian tourism with dedicated and specialized services.
For those looking to make an investment in the growing vacation and property market in Albania, Green Coast Luxury Resort offers investment opportunities services to its current and future clients, local and international ones: Property Management and Investment with partnership.

Property Management – All the residents of Green Coast Resort can be part of this program, which will be supported by an exceptional and dedicated team, committed to providing clients and visitors with a great accommodation experience and well maintained houses.  The Property Management program has a high-rate investment return starting at a minimum of 3% in the first few years up to 10% per year after 2020.

Investment with partnership/co-ownership – The “co-ownership investment” is a form of purchase borrowed from the best European examples where 2 or more co-owners invest in a property at Green Coast with different quotas over the property price. The rights and obligations of the co-owners stem and are upheld based on the investment quota. Each investor/owner acquires the title of ownership over the unit in proportion to his or her investment quota.

Albania is becoming the ideal place of investments in real estate because of the welcoming environment, low taxes, cheap living standards, and pleasant weather. The Albanian legislation does not represent any obstacles to the purchase of a property if the person is not an Albanian citizen.
The rights on property and common areas are provided in the Civil Code of the Republic of Albania. As well as this, the insurance over the ownership title is regulated according to the notary system.

For more information, visit www.greencoast.al , or contact the Sales Office on info@greencoast.al /: +355 69 80 55 251