May 7, 2019
8 years at Jumbo / Ambitious Plan for 2019, Growth in All Markets and expanding in 2 New Markets

After 8 years of experience in Albania and the region, Jumbo, one of the most successful companies in the organized retail goods sector, is about to make a step forward and continue its unstoppable growth not only in the region but also beyond its borders.

“Retail is a sector that is recognizing continuous development in the region, and Jumbo as part of the largest and most innovative Group that of Balfin, brought the concept of one stop shop, not only in Albania, but also broader. So where a variety of products can be bought in one place. Jumbo brands are hugely embraced by the consumer, of course because of the wide range of products they offer and the affordable prices, “– says company executives about the elements that make Jumbo so attractive and the leader in his sector.

Jumbo under the name of Kid Zone was initially opened in November 2011 at the largest shopping center in Albania, in TEG, and a year later, on November 27 2012, in QTU.

Seeing the great success of retail shops in Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, etc, Jumbo came as a demand of the Albanian market and was immediately embraced by the domestic market.

Jumbo’s strongest point, what makes it different from other providers in the market is the variety of products in different categories, as Jumbo is for the whole family. The wide range of products, quality and economic prices has made it the market leader in the category of toys for children and not only.

In more details, in JUMBO can be found items starting from children’s toys and sports articles to gardening, clothing, textiles and decor, cleaning and kitchen accessories, beauty accessories, baby products, car accessories, office and school supplies, as well as material for parties and pets.

Kid Zone (Jumbo Albania) is an Albanian company that has been operating for 8 years in 3 different markets in the Balkan region, with about 600 employees and 14 major stores. It has an ambitious expansion plan for 2019, where it is expected to debut in other regional markets and not only, significantly increasing the number of employees, bringing it up to about 800.

Only in Albania, the company counts 5 stores and 215 employees.

The latest openings in Albania have been in cities such as Fieri on 27 April 2018, Shkodra, 8 June 2018 and Durres on 17 August 2018, while for 2019 is foreseen the opening of three new stores in cities such as Elbasan, Korça and Vlora. With these openings, the number of employees in Albania will increase to about 300.

Meanwhile, in Kosovo, the company numbers 6 stores and 216 employees, while within 2019 will open the 7th shop in the country, in the city of Peja, thus bringing the total number of employees to 250.

In Bosnia there are 3 stores with 130 employees, but within May, Jumbo will open the first store in Cazin and the fourth in Bosnia and Herzegovina, bringing the number of employees to around 165.

Another ambitious Jumbo plan is the expansion to Montenegro, where the company will debut in Podgorica with its first store in August 2019, thus opening up 52 jobs.

Jumbo’s innovation in the future will be the investment in a new market, beyond the Balkan region, specifically in Moldova.

Social Responsibility

Jumbo, like all the Balfin Group, has often found themselves near the children in need, as it is one of the most beloved brands for them. Last year’s 1st of June, the company chose to celebrate with the students of the Roma community of “Liria” school in the city of Shkodra, for which special gifts were prepared. While at the end of 2017 Jumbo donated toys to the children of the fallen in-duty policemen, as well as to the children of the “Pëllumbat” center.

Now turned to tradition, even in December of 2018, Christmas holidays found Jumbo near the children of families in need.

By the end of 2018, in co-operation with two non-governmental organizations, Vision and PLGP(Planning and Local Governance Project), a project funded by USAID, Jumbo, within the Balfin Group’s social responsibility policies, was found near the children of Blliçë village in Dibër as well as in Bulqiza, to gift a small smile to the little ones.

Facts and Figures:

Nr. of Jumbos employees in Albania: 215

Nr. of stores: 14

Nr. total of employees: 600

No. of States where it operates: 3

Last year’s company growth in percentage: 24%

The number of new stores anticipated in 2019: 9

State with most Jumbo shops / Number: Kosovo / 6 stores

Number of products traded: 24 350

Type of products: Home decor, textile, toys, stationery, gardening, sports and seasonal products.