May 27, 2022
A staff retreat by the sea for BALFIN HQ

The staff of BALFIN Group’s Headquarters went on their annual retreat on 20-21 May, in the city of Vlora.

The highlight of the staff retreat was the boat trip to the island of Sazan and the Karaburun peninsula, during which the staff got to socialize, enjoy good music and extraordinary views together in a unique setting. The boat made a stop at one of the beaches of Karaburun for relaxing free time by the sea. The evening had reserved a festive dinner.

The next day’s agenda was team building activities in the secluded beach of Zvërnec, with the support of EPPC. Divided in 4 mixed teams, BALFIN’s staff competed against each other in multi-disciplinary activities such as dart throwing, rope pulling, etc.

BALFIN Group values employee interaction in the workplace and beyond, which improves productivity in the office, but most importantly, contributes to the wellbeing of staff through shared interests and solid friendships.