October 29, 2019
AlbChrome helps out children with special needs in Bulqiza city

lbChrome, a leader in Albania’s mining sector, is supporting since June 2019 the “Hello” program in the city of Bulqiza, a very efficient initiative by World Vision Albania and Kosovo as a non-profit organization.

In this case, it occurs to 8 children who have at least one of the parents operating in AlbChrome, who receive the provided services. According to the relevant diagnosis, children receive physiotherapy, speech therapy, developmental therapy and emotional support from experts and organizations. Their parents were very pleased with the service received for their children.

During September 2019, within the setting of this program, World Vision, with the support of AlbChrome conducted a training with 17 parents and 7 employees of Bulqiza Municipality.

Parents were trained in how to take care of their children and treat them according to the difficulty of their home conditions, a knowing to be adopted effectively on a daily basis.

“Hello”’s main objective is to help children in need. This program, initiated by World Vision Albania, aims at integrating children with disabilities. What makes this program unique is the fact that children are not treated separately. So this program deals with all elements of the basic triangle that influences life of a child: the child itself, family and community.

Balfin Group, part of which is also AlbChrome, pays special attention to social responsibility to be closer to the communities and people in need and under the special care of the Group’s own president, Mr. Samir Mane implements a coordinated strategy for all Balfin companies, not only in Albania, but also in other countries where the Group operates. Likewise for many years, Balfin supports with his fund many children with autism spectrum disorders.

The Balfin Group is one of the few Albanian businesses focused on sustainable development in the communities it operates, adhering to the SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals), the UN Sustainable Development Goals, for which the Group has composed a genuine action plan following the steps of many international companies.

Of the fund dedicated to this purpose in 2018 worth € 452,000, € 70,000 has been allocated by the Balfin Group to the “Fundjavë Ndryshe” Organization, while the rest of the fund has benefited communities through numerous international and local organizations, such as Vizion NGO, Down Syndrome Albania, Worldvision, UNDP, Partner Albania and other more.