March 31, 2022
BALFIN Group attends The Fast Track Way

BALFIN Group and its companies’ CEOs and top executives participated in The Fast Track Way, one of the highest rated business events in the world. An exclusive, tailored, 2-day training gathered 71 directors and managers from 19 BALFIN Group companies in Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Austria.

Over the course of two days, the focused on three levels: industry, company, and individual, through a 6-step method: knowledge, experience, tools, process, repetition, and habit. The participants got to analyze groundbreaking approaches in modern business management such as 80/20 or First Principle Thinking.

At the end of the training, Christo Popov, Founder and CEO of Fast Track, said: “Excellent two days with the executive teams of BALFIN Group – the leading corporate group in Albania.”

The Fast Track Way has trained over 7,000 executives from renowned companies and brands in 25 countries. Rather than conventional consultants, modules and trainings are conducted by entrepreneurs, whose methodology has derived from starting, managing, growing, and failing many businesses. The Founder and CEO of Fast Track, a former student of prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School and London Business School, has 30 years of world class expertise in growth strategy, recruitment, and developing leading brands.

BALFIN Group is committed to fostering a growth and innovation culture within all organizational ranks. In addition to internal structures, such as Balfin Training Academy and Talent Pool, the Group frequently invests in international trainings and workshops, like The Fast Track Way. More similar opportunities will be extended in the future to employees.