April 24, 2024
BALFIN Group on Collaborating with Academia at AmCham’s HR Open Week

BALFIN Group was one of the three companies presenting at the American Chamber of Commerce in Albania’s HR Open Week, where experts and companies exchange best practices on human capital development.

The second day of HR Open Week welcomed Elvin Nosi, Director of Human Resources at BALFIN Group, who led a discussion on work practices and collaboration with academic systems.

Nosi shared BALFIN Group’s positive experiences, highlighting a significant rise in demand for internships, not only from domestic academic institutions. “We receive approximately 1,300 applications annually, accommodating around 170 interns. They undergo a standard selection process and integration into the company, including training.”

The various formats of internship development and the insights provided by businesses prompted discussions on intern treatment, benefits, and compensation structures. Member companies expressed the view that internship recruitment and treatment processes closely mirror those of regular staff, underlining the belief that interns may become future employees.

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Since 2021, BALFIN Group facilitates internships through the B4Students program. Supported by Mane Foundation, B4Students empowers Albanian students through its 4 components: Professional Internships and Employment, Entrepreneurship, Social Clubs, and Investments in the Infrastructure of Public Higher Education Institutions. The Internship and Employment Program is organized twice a year. A significant number of interns are further employed in BALFIN Group’s companies, based on the performance demonstrated. 98% of participating students have regarded this practical experience as one that served to improve their skills. Through internships, BALFIN Group aims to build a stable bridge of communication with students, to contribute to their professional preparation and employment.