May 23, 2022
BALFIN Group President meets the Business Idea Competition’s student finalists

The President of BALFIN Group, Samir Mane, welcomed to the company’s headquarters the 10 student finalists of the Business Idea Competition, one of the B4Students program’s components, that took place earlier this month.

During the meeting, the students discussed with BALFIN Group’s President today’s challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurship among youth, as well as his own beginnings in business. “I was almost your age when I started BALFIN in Vienna. And I am happy that 29 years later, BALFIN Group can support you to start your own enterprise, gain professional experience, and challenge yourself through B4Students. As tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and leaders, I encourage you to keep learning and to aim high,” he said.

The 2nd edition of the Business Idea Competition provided two of the finalists with grants of €5,000 and €3,500 and advisory to implement their business plans.

BALFIN Group’s President Samir Mane has made sure that the support of education is of significant focus in Group CSR initiatives. The B4Students program, powered by BALFIN Group, is built on 4 main components, that of Entrepreneurship with the Business Ideas Competition and Business Challenge Competition; Social Clubs, Internships and Employment, as well as Infrastructure Investments in Public Higher Education Institutions in Albania.