October 17, 2022
BALFIN-tech: BALFIN Group invests in medical technology

BALFIN Group makes its debut in a new industry, that of medical innovation and technology, through the establishment of BALFIN-tech AG in Zurich, Switzerland. Besides developing medical technology, the company will be involved in financing and supporting new innovative ideas that provide medical solutions.

The newly established company operates in the fields of medicine, medical innovation and research, and information technology. It will act as an investor in early-stage startups that show promising breakthroughs in medical technology (MedTech) and innovation. BALFIN-Tech AG will invest in research and development that provide solutions for the maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of disease, illness, and other physical impairments in people.

BALFIN Group aims for BALFIN-tech AG to be a significant player in the field of medical technology by identifying, acquiring, and developing innovative solutions or companies that will contribute to health care. BALFIN-tech AG demonstrates the Group’s drive toward innovation and its ambition to expand to new industries and markets, aligned with the vision of the Group’s President, Samir Mane.

BALFIN-tech has a long way to go but BALFIN Group is very confident that it will succeed in this new investment. BALFIN-tech is the second BALFIN Group company to operate in Switzerland. Earlier this year, Balfin Real Estate and Hospitality established its sales office in Zurich as well.