August 8, 2019
Nazar Beach, the ideal destination for anyone looking for the best

In recent years, tourism has become one of the most important sectors of the Albanian economy and is considered to have been growing steadily year after year. Albania is increasingly being recommended as a tourist destination by various international operators and renowned media, and as confirmed by official statistics from the Albanian Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), the number of tourists visiting Albania’s natural and historical sites has increased significantly.

Alongside the increasing quantitative figures, increasing standards and quality of service in the sector are now increasingly required, which have not been at the best possible levels to date. Fortunately, an elite resort has recently been added to the Albanian Riviera, which is bringing the missing standards to the Albanian tourism. It is the Green Coast Resort, which has a promenade with a growing number of service units for the past 2 years, with the particularly striking Nazar Beach.

Designed quite differently from the other Albanian Riviera bars and restaurants, where class and elegance in service reach the highest levels and the sunset is so magically it’s surreal, Nazar Beach is famous for its providing just this. Not only famous but undoubtedly it can be said that Nazar Beach has become the ideal destination for all those who love the beautiful south of Albania and who are looking for elite level, magical emotions and a totally different experience from the ordinary.

Nazar Beach is designed in a boho chic style, inspired by free-spirited individuals, and comes with a simple, yet stunning, and elite design, with clean, extremely elegant lines, where the maximum attention is paid for every detail.

Inspired by nature and in perfect harmony with it, as well as providing the utmost comfort and positive energies to vacationers, Nazar Beach boasts a perfect blend of natural elements such as wood, straw and the use of warm earth colors. Also the ideal combination of high trees, palm trees and low Mediterranean vegetation, create a very warm and exotic atmosphere and make you feel very pampered and part of a completely different world.

Culinary specialties and special cocktails

The cuisine at Nazar Beach is an elegant blend of traditional and Asian cuisine, where besides the high variety of products, one of the elements offered is the famous Japanese sushi, very trendy and much sought after. The combination of products and flavors, the use of fresh ingredients that the area itself offers, as well as the professional touch of experienced culinary chefs, not only within Albania but also abroad, guarantee a rich and high quality menu for all. The unique cocktails found at Nazar Beach, with special formulas and bio products, give vacationers another feeling and excitement.

Events of a different nature from the usual, with well-known Albanian and often international DJs, with artistic performances, combined with the variety of outdoor activities and relaxation experienced at the newly opened Nazar Beach SPA center, ensure that the holidays in this beach to be the best.

Nazar Beach, this piece of art amidst the beauty of the nature of Palasa has become a place of relaxation and entertainment welcoming anyone who wishes to escape the everyday monotony.

Nazar Beach is located on the promenade of Green Coast Resort, Albania’s most elite resort consisting of villas of various typologies for sale, a high standard 5-star hotel and commercial units.

For more information on the Green Coast project visit or contact +355 69 80 14 999.