June 28, 2019
Customer Care, Investments and Neptun’s attention to be closer to the customers

Customer care plays an essential role in the business world today, especially in the organized retail goods industry

Large global companies pay close attention to this sector in order to be in daily contact with the needs of the clients and to adapt to tastes, tendencies and simplify their lives

In our country there are some authorized reselling companies of well-known international brands among electro-households and other electronic devices.

Neptun pay special attention to customer care which in itself is a separate department, with many employees and managers.

Given that consumer needs are numerous and do not end with buying a commodity, but continue in various forms such as searching for information about using equipment, transportation, and seeking assistance to solve more complex problems, it is of utmost importance that the client ultimately has a positive experience and not be disappointed in any case.

For this reason in Neptun’s Customer Care department, all arriving cases are managed by operators and, according to their specific needs, escalated to supervisors.

Complaint cases are followed exclusively by account managers, and for clients that are addressed in stores earlier, Neptun has created an internal structure called “in shop support” and clients are taken care off based on the specific demands of the case presented.

Used practices

Customer Care at Neptune collects all the cases, starting with the beginning of a question or problem that is followed by the company’s procedures until finding the best solution to the problem.

Especially for complaints, the department undertakes initiatives for updating or improving some procedures. For this purpose, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms are used, a combination of practices and technologies to manage and analyze interactions and customer data throughout the cycle after purchase, with the goal of improving customer relationship management and customer retention.

PABX is also a technology used by call centers (CC) and that allows a single access number to provide vast number of lines for external callers.

Service quality

The Customer Care Department at Neptun has applied the following methodologies to measure and improve the quality of service:

  • By real-time monitoring incoming / outgoing calls to observe the quality of service immediately.
  • On a daily basis checking clients contacting over 2 times in order to increase FCR (“first call resolution”, which means fixing the problem within the first call). Currently, the company is at 72% in terms of solved cases in the first call.
  • The response rate has risen from 82% to 88% for 2019.
  • The company, in order to have accurate evidence of consumer experience, develops questionnaires that measure customer satisfaction for transactions carried out on Neptun and Smartpoint (CATI – Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing)
  • From July, a measure of consumer satisfaction will also be launched for customers who make their purchases in physical stores.
  • Being in constant contact with the clients and implementing their suggestions and complaints, enables Neptun to improve and continue to be the market leader.

All this process is done by trained employees, who, besides obtaining basic knowledge of operational issues, are closely acquainted with the products periodically in the respective shops.

In these trainings a special emphasis is placed on cognitive skills (soft skills) in communication, in being agile in the problem solving process etc.

Neptun has always been avant-garde to technology and therefore partisan of the new E-learning training methodology, the company’s individual online training platform.

New investments and communication channels

The Customer Care Department at Neptun now has a new, bigger, and more convenient environment. It is in the final investment phase with regard to PABX and CRM which are ways of appealing as well as client relationship management that bring:

  • More accurate reporting
  • Improving the volume of work
  • Unified treatment in all modes of communication
  • Increase productivity in incoming and outgoing calls
  • The conception of dedicated campaigns for specific service groups
  • Archiving

The Neptun Customer Care Department can be contacted by phone (inbound / outbound) as the most classic form of communication, by e-mail, by opening a case on www.neptun.al, via Chat on Viber or Whatsapp, or Web Chat at www.neptun.al or even on social networks where the company is present, of course without forgetting face-to-face meetings with the client.

All this communication is managed by a trained employee, on how to communicate and how to orientate the claim or complaint in every step until it is resolved.

Customer Care Procedures are updated based on customer orientation and customer feedback is heard and transmitted at all times in the hierarchy of Neptun.