December 22, 2020
€5 million investment and 15 thousand square meters/ Get introduced to BALFIN Group’s latest investment in Kosovo

A new Logistics Centre is now ultimately a reality on the suburbs of Pristina, an investment worth €5 million, with an area of about 15 thousand square meters which will serve as the new logistics centre to ‘Jumbo’, ‘Neptun’, and ‘Elektroservis’ companies, as well as to the head offices of Neptun and Elektroservis.

A logistics centre with an effective inventory management system, has a direct impact on acquisition decision-making, thus providing accurate data on available space and the possibility of stock storage. Therefore, the construction of this logistics centre, entitled to this type of infrastructure, shall facilitate the work process monitoring in a much easier way, enhancing the security of the performed investment. Meanwhile, regarding the new workplace environment, I consider it as an investment contributing to the efficiency of daily work and the staff motivation, as a pleasant environment always generates higher proficiency“- said the Executive Director of ‘Neptun Kosovo’, Mr. Faruk Ademi on the latest BALFIN Group investment.

The construction of this logistics centre with high standards infrastructure has optimized the work system, thus increasing the efficiency of the delivery chain management, establishing better working conditions in the loading/unloading process, and providing more suitable facilities, easier access and stock monitoring for the employees.

In this logistics centre, its organizational chart and the composing companies are expected to be hired around 100 new employees over the next year. Meanwhile BALFIN Group has 1310 employees in all its companies in Kosovo.

Besides the Group’s presence in the authorized retail resale sector of household appliances, the Group is also present for several years in the mining industry managing ‘Newco Ferronikel’ company, one of the largest companies in Kosovo, predominantly representing one of the largest exporting company in this sector. The aforementioned industry is also associated to 2 thousand indirect job positions, in addition to the employees in the production plant.

In the framework of the new focus mission of the Group, which is dominantly driven by new investments in the Balkan region and beyond, given that the Group is distinguishably consolidated in the Albanian market, we should regard the latest investment in Kosovo, the latest investment a few months ago in North Macedonia, where the largest loan in the banking history of this country was allocated for the construction of the shopping centre, an investment carried out by BALFIN Group, the newest state-of-the art complex that will be situated in the heart of Skopje, the ‘Skopje East Gate’ and which is expected to open doors by 2021.