July 17, 2023
Green Coast wins prestigious Paysage Award at City’Scape in Milan

Green Coast, a remarkable project by BALFIN Group, has achieved yet another accolade, securing the coveted Paysage Award in the Landscape in Light (‘Paesaggio in Luce’) category at the City’Scape Award organized in Milan’s Triennale, Italy. This recognition further solidifies Green Coast’s status as an architectural landmark in Albania and beyond.

The City’Scape Award, organized by Paysage and supported by the National Italian Council of Architects, is a prestigious annual event that celebrates international excellence in urban design and landscape architecture. Established in Milan in 2004, Paysage aims to promote and push landscape architecture forward. Hundreds of famous companies from all around the world participated in the City’Scape Award, which gathered 122 nominations across 10 categories.

Represented by renowned architect, Antonio Iraci, Green Coast captivated the attention of the architectural world with its harmonious integration of natural elements. The project, which showcases a seamless fusion of architecture and landscape, fulfilled several industry criteria that earned it the recognition.

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The Paesaggio in Luce category specifically focuses on projects that enhance and highlight the landscape’s beauty and create a captivating visual experience by night. Green Coast’s landscape architecture and use of lighting solutions to illuminate its surroundings played a significant role in securing the Paysage Award. The project was distinguished on its appealing ambiance which showcases the natural beauty of the coastal landscape.

The Paysage Award not only highlights the architectural brilliance of Green Coast but also recognizes the project’s positive impact on the surrounding community. To BALFIN Group, Green Coast serves as a beacon of inspiration for future sustainable developments, emphasizing the importance of creating spaces that coexist harmoniously with nature.