July 18, 2023
Happy, the biggest Loyalty Program in Albania, celebrates 500,000 members

Happy, the leading loyalty program in Albania, has achieved a significant milestone by welcoming its 500,000th member. Managed by OnSolutions, a prominent subsidiary of BALFIN Group in customer retention & experience, Happy has established itself as a popular choice among Albanian consumers for its rewarding benefits for members and extensive network of partner businesses.

Since its inception, Happy has been dedicated to providing customers with a seamless and rewarding loyalty experience. The multi-brand loyalty program offers members a variety of ways to earn and redeem points, making it an attractive option for shoppers seeking value and exclusive perks.

With a comprehensive network of partner businesses across various industries, including retail, travel, entertainment, telecommunication, and more, Happy offers members countless opportunities. From earning points on everyday purchases to receiving exclusive discounts and promotions, the program has become an integral part of the Albanian shopping and consumer landscape. Happy has two multi-coupon reward levels. Moreover, customers can convert points into 1+1 coupons and discounts for purchases at partner brands and receive personalized offers.

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The success of the Happy loyalty program can be attributed to the continuous efforts of the company responsible for its management. OnSolutions has consistently worked towards expanding the program’s offerings, forging partnerships with leading brands and businesses to provide members with a diverse range of rewards and benefits.

To commemorate this milestone, Happy rewarded its 500,000th member with level one coupons amounting to ALL 3000. Commenting on the achievement, Irena Vukaj, Loyalty program Manager at OnSolutions, expressed her excitement, stating, “Reaching the milestone of 500,000 members is a testament to the trust and loyalty customers have placed in the Happy program. We are grateful for their support and are committed to further enhancing their experience by continuously improving and expanding our offerings.”

Last October, OnSolutions launched the new and improved Happy application, introducing several innovations for users, in addition to a more modern and friendly design. To elevate rewards, the company just introduced the latest gamification feature in the app, the Wheel of Luck, where Happy members can win additional points and coupons, every day.

The Happy loyalty program has not only garnered popularity among consumers but has also proven to be a valuable asset for partner businesses. By joining the program, businesses gain access to a vast customer base and an effective marketing platform that allows them to engage with their target audience and drive customer loyalty.

As Happy continues to grow, it aims to both further enrich the loyalty experience for its members, as well as provide personalized marketing solutions for partner brands. Through innovative features, customized offers, and a user-friendly mobile app, the program strives to meet the evolving needs and expectations of modern consumers in Albania.