February 27, 2020
Health and environment care, 30% local products, are the focus of SPAR Albania

Setting a standard in a market where “standard” is just a word, is a big responsibility and takes a lot of effort.

Offering new products for the first time, and teaching the customer that this is best for them, is quite a challenge.

Bringing quality and warranty with specific information for each service is a major responsibility.

With the power of a name as the largest supermarket chain in the world, Spar offers quality in everything consumers need.

Spar Albania, as a leader in the market, operates in Albania and strongly supports local producers. Spar brings to the consumer locally produced products with specific requirements to maintain the standard of international products. 30% of the products of this network are local from the most serious and high standard factories in Albania

Spar Albania’s Executive Director, Elona Hametaj, tells about the special attention the company pays to the consumers’ health and environmental protection.

“Spar Albania has a continuous focus in providing consumers the best services of taste, quality and also health, therefore in our stores we offer about 2000 products under the brand SPAR and Despar produced with a special focus on reducing sugar and salt in their composition, eliminating the usage of palm and sunflower oils. Precisely by focusing on the customer and working on fulfilling the company’s vision to provide them a better and healthier lifestyle. With increasing awareness of the negative impact that plastic packaging has on the environment, SPAR International and Albania are redesigning all packaging of SPAR branded products to reduce plastic use and using more sustainable resources, because we believe that the responsibility of each company is to contribute to the respect and protection of the environment and nature. We also see that there is an increasing trend of consumer demand for products from different tastes of the world, which is why “Products of the World” is a category that is being introduced in all SPAR and Interspar stores, offering consumers Mexican products and also from other continents of the world.” – says Hametaj.

Variety and choice are the strengths of Spar stores

2019 closed with 30% more new products, 15% more BIO products, 12% more free from (lactose free, gluten free, sugar free, palm oil free).

10% of healthy products are covered by the Spar Natural line, which is one of the company’s strongest points. Their composition and packaging is completely natural, organic and free of any artificial ingredients.

The only network with 3 hypermarkets in Albania

Moving at a fast pace, SPAR Albania in just 3 years of operation in our country, has provided a considerable market space and has won the hearts of consumers in every neighborhood and city where it is located. With 35,109m2 of retail space in just 3 years, Spar Albania has become the second largest network in the country and its aim is to become the largest network in a very short time. SPAR Albania has created an ambitious expansion plan in Albania, which foresees the opening of 100 supermarkets and 10 hypermarkets, which will cover the entire territory of the country.

SPAR is a provider of the best Italian, Austrian, German specialty products of SPAR International from the best European manufacturers. In these three years in the market, Spar managed to expand its network of stores by expanding to the largest cities in the country, with the sole aim of being ever closer to the consumer. In just three years, Spar managed to open 58 markets in Albania and about 1200 new jobs.

Spar serves an average of 19,489 customers per day, with special care and always available to each and every one of their clients. Another very positive element that differentiates Spar Albania in the whole market is that it is the only network with 3 large hypermarkets, and the only network with two such in Tirana only. At Interspar hypermarkets, consumers can find everything from delicatessen, bio products, flavors from all over the world, also textiles and utensils.