January 10, 2024
Jumbo’s Nurturing Hope and Education for Children with Special Needs in Montenegro

As in all countries where it is present, in Montenegro, Jumbo’s commitment to the happiness of children spreads beyond its commercial establishment in 2019. In the spirit of the yearend festivities, Jumbo supported the upbringing and education of children with special needs, through a donation to the June 1st Resource Center for Education and Training in Podgorica.

The center specializes in facilitating the education and rehabilitation of children with neuro-developmental risk or children with intellectual disabilities, especially from the autism spectrum, age 0-6 years old. Jumbo’s donation contributes to the specialized programs aligned with the center’s mission, directly improving the development of children with special needs. The Director of the Resource Center for Education and Training June 1st, Maja Kalezic, thanked Jumbo for its support.

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Jumbo has established its presence as one of the main shopping places for the whole family. But CSR initiatives have always been its complementary mission towards a better life for children and their families. The improvement that these initiatives bring to children’s lives is a reward for Jumbo’s dedication throughout the years and an increase in its commitment to bring positive changes to the communities where it operates.