February 20, 2019
Neptun Albania unfolds future vision of the company

The largest trading company of electro-households in Albania, NEPTUN, organized on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of its operation in the market the Annual Conference for the 2018 year, the 10th annual conference which has already become a tradition. The conference was opened by Mr. Alexandros Kosenas, Executive Director of Neptun. He began his speech by thanking and congratulating the staff for the achievements of 2018. A year that was successful for Neptun and this thanks to the colossal work of all its staff.


Even this year like the previous ones Neptune marked growth in the domestic market again and this is really something to be welcomed, said Mr. Kosenas

Neptun operates not only in Albania, but also in the region and beyond. In Macedonia, Neptun is the market leader having a very dominant position, also in Kosovo, where it is expanding day by day, being present in most of the country.

In Albania, Neptun’s store network will expand with the opening of 5 new units in 2019 with a sales area of over 1,300m2, and will also expand Smartpoint, its newest business unit, with 2 other stores as well as a smart product line, headed by Smartphones, IT and accessories.

“We are investing courageously to be near a larger number of customers in the most distant corners of Albania and we are taking the fruits of this investment,” said Neptun’s CEO.

The focus of the development for 2019 will be the TV’s category, as well as the category of Large Household Appliances, where there will be product innovations as well as a very beneficial promotional scheme for customers.

At this conference, another widely treated point was the remodeling of Neptun’s network of stores, starting with the main store in QTU that is already a reality, and which is significantly improving customer experience during purchase, making it easily comparable to stores from the same industry in Western Europe.

Customer Service and After-Sales Care will be the main challenge for the year that has started “as we want to stick to the commitment, that we are the first consumer choice”, said the executive director.

At the end of the conference, the prizes that were awarded were:

  • Best store for 2018,
  • The best seller of 2018,
  • Best seller in the category of Large Product
  • Best partner
  • Franchise Store with the largest increase – this prize was awarded to boost the new Franchise business model.

Each of the winners received a trophy as well as a gift from the company. Now for Neptun it is clear how to always steer ahead for customers, being closer to them through 26 stores in Albania. Through product availability during ongoing sales and also through customer service at a level that justifies company expectations and covers customer requirements.