October 30, 2019
Neptun International, leader in three countries

Neptun International is one of the least Albanian companies with its international presence, as it operates today in three countries: Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia, and still to be extended beyond these borders.

The company started operating in 1993 and today is the exclusive reseller of brands such as LG and Beko in Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. In Albania the company has an important spot on the local market and trades well-known Services as: Samsung, Apple, Sony, Bosch, Philips, Tefal, Rowenta, Huawei, Hama, Brown, etc.

Neptun has laid the solid foundation as headmost retailer in Albania, where it has created the local trading culture with top sold products and services: TVs and audio-video listening, personal viewing, computing and telephony, entertainment and more.

Neptun is the largest electronics company in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo, where it trades a big range of 8,500 products from 250 partner brands.
Only in Albania, during 2018 Neptun provided service for 364,048 customers.
Today the company has 65 stores across the countries where it operates and has 1084 employees.
Despite competition faced in Albania, Neptun managed to sign progress in selling again this year.


Pioneer in Albanian market for quality and services

As of now it is obvious that the consumer’s experience when selling is more important than ever. Studies show the buyer as more needy with a definite propensity to shop in well-organized retail stores and seeking better experience and service.

The traditional way of selling electronic products has changed a lot since its beginnings. Neptun is the first organized sales network in the country and the largest one, dating back to 1993, at the time of light-powered headphones that were very hard to come by, while today the company is moving alongside developed markets and western countries.


The Albanian consumer now has the same opportunity to buy the latest products, to choose from the world’s largest, authentic brands for which Neptun is an authorized reseller, as well as the opportunity to experience another level of shopping experience from “testing” made to the product in-store, get alternatives in terms of payment, the expertise and assistance of qualified staff, as well as post-purchase care with customer service and authorized service. Buying now is much more than exchanging cash for a product in the store because it is a whole process and a separate experience. There were also the innovations and presentations of services for which Neptun pioneered the Albanian market.


Benefits and Bonuses

In terms of customer service, Neptun has only one purpose, for which it is very aware and responsible. It is to improve the standard of living of every Albanian family by starting with cooking products, house cleaning, communication and family entertainment products.

Customers in Neptun not only find a store full of products, they find a “shelter” with experts who prioritize their needs and respond to every request, even treating them with reward schemes for points or discounts with the Happy Plus card.

Neptun recommends to all its clients to be very careful at one point: “Be careful from repaired products, being sold as new. For every purchase particularly on electronic products, like cellphones and laptops, it is the clients’ right to ask for official insurance from the producer and an invoice. Since a cheaper purchase at an unauthorized dealer today, can cost the consumer much more both monetarily and by trying to fix the device which in these cases, with non-original parts may have a greater risk for high damage on a second time, ”- said Neptun.

Neptun currently has 26 stores in the main cities of Albania, and by 2020 it has planned some expansion in the area of important stores, such as Korça, to serve a larger portion of the population.