April 20, 2020
Neptun helps excellent students learn online

Neptun has donated tablets for excellent students, who do not have the economic means to purchase necessary technological equipment to attend online lessons taking place these days. Tablets were handed over to the Municipality of Tirana, which will distribute them to students through the Social Services.

During the delivery of these technological devices, was also present the Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Anisa Ruseti, who said: “For the Municipality of Tirana, education and the use of technology are very important, especially at this time when we all need to stay at home. We highly appreciate your help and contribution that goes mainly to education and to those children in need who have fewer opportunities than others. The tablets will go for children who are good at learning. We will pass on all the tablets to our child protection staff, who will then deliver them, according to your wish.”

Neptun Albania Marketing Director, Drini Dushku, said that “Since the beginning of the crisis, all pupils and students are learning online at home, but not everyone has the opportunity to continue studying this way due to lack of equipment, proper technology and economic conditions. We at Neptun are familiar with this situation and have decided to give our contribution by donating some tablets that people in economic difficulties,but who are also excellent students can continue to attend their online classes. Through tablets, students can connect online and follow lessons so they don’t miss anything from the program created by the Ministry of Education. We would also like to thank the Municipality of Tirana for helping us at quickly identifying these students.”

Neptun’s tablet donation has been an initiative supported by the Balfin Group’s President, Samir Mane as part of its assistance across the country during COVID-19 crisis.

The crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19 has created a challenge for all institutions. Coping with the crisis has made many institutions adapt their daily activities turning to technology for help. Neptun, as the largest network of the latest technology in Albania, is supporting the use of it to limit movements, without interrupting some of the previous activities. As in the case of online learning where students are helped to follow the lessons, Neptun is supporting businesses to work from home and any other citizen by purchasing online technological equipment and home delivery.