May 14, 2018
Sorra’s Family dream for a new home, becomes true by Balfin Group

Everyone remembers the sad story of Sorra family, aired two months ago in “Stop” TV-show. Living conditions were in the margins of survival, while the householder was very ill. As he no longer lives today, his family, wife and the three children now have a new and warm home.
It was Samir Mane, President of Balfin Group, who after listening to the story, immediately responded to the call of “Fundjavë Ndryshe” to rebuild the Sorra’s family home, which thanks to this donation and generous gesture, is now in a new home, warm and with very good living conditions.

The loss of the householder is irreplaceable, but the creation of conditions for a better living will relieve as little as it can the Sorra family sorrow.
“I’m dreaming, I’m not awaken yet!” Said Mrs Sorra.
Meanwhile, Samir Mane said: “Watching “Stop” Tv-show I heard about the family trouble. I felt privileged to be able to help as little as I could by building this family a new home. We hope that we will have this cooperation ongoing with other families as well. I thank you all and enjoy the new house! ”
This initiative comes as part of the donations that Balfin fund, created with the special care of Mr Mane itself, in order to support the poorest classes, donates continuously.