September 30, 2019
Spar Albania buys Hippo’s supermarket chain

During September, Spar Albania officially announced the purchase of another supermarket chain, the Hippo Network. Thus Spar Albania continues its unstoppable expansion in the country by opening the doors of 7 other supermarkets in Tirana, which will now carry its logo.

The markets in question, scattered throughout the capital’s highlights and with a consolidated experience and success, have been dressed in the new Spar colors and are now available to all consumers, offering Spar Albania’s diverse assortment of products.

Through this step, the Balfin Group company increases its presence in every neighborhood of Tirana, both in urban areas and in the suburbs.

With its ambitious expansion plan, by the end of this year Spar will have a full 60 supermarkets and hypermarkets around the country.

Moving at a fast pace, SPAR Albania in just 3 years of operation in our country, has provided a considerable market space and has won the hearts of consumers in every neighborhood and city where it is located.

Growth figures and facts and guarantees on nutritional standard

Spar Albania currently has 58 markets and about 1,200 employees around the country.

With 35,109m2 of store spaces in just 3 years, Spar Albania has become the second largest network in the country and aims to become the largest network in a very short time.

Spar serves an average of 19,489 customers per day.

The company has brought a new standard to food safety. In particular, SPAR provides fresh and controlled meats, working with the best farms in Albania.

SPAR Albania applies HACCP rules to international standards.

The company offers a wide assortment of products to consumers, fulfilling their needs but also following all the world trends of healthy nutrition through the importation of Bio, Gluten Free, Sugar Free products etc.

Spar Albania is the only company with two hypermarkets in Tirana, with 55,000 products marketed, of which 50,000 domestic items and 2,900 fresh products.

SPAR is a provider of the best Italian, Austrian and German in-line products dedicated to the best European manufacturers.

Innovation in consumer education

SPAR communicates directly and educates consumers with secure offers and products, which is done through a 360 degree communication channel. Also, for consumer awareness weekly cooking shows, tastings, etc. are organized in the 2 biggest hypermarkets of Albania.

SPAR is a well-known international brand, with a presence and activity in over 42 different countries around the world including the continent of Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia and in large and consolidated markets.