May 23, 2022
BALFIN Group supports the Tirana Open U18 tennis tournament

BALFIN Group supported the Tirana Open U18 tennis tournament held this weekend. 100 young boys and girls competed, representing their countries, and advancing their own tennis career.

In addition to Albania, the players came from all countries of the region, including Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and the further away such as Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, and many others. Maria de la Paz Alberto from Spain was the winner of Girls’ Singles, and the Romanian Filip Gabriel Bara took home the trophy of the Boys’ Singles. The player from Romania also won the Boys’ Doubles with Lorenzo Comino from Italy as his teammate, while Igkar Dyussebay and Dilnaz Mashabayeva from Kazakhstan were the winners of the Girls’ Doubles.

As a supporter of both sports and youth, BALFIN Group wishes good luck to the young players.