October 17, 2019
Spar donates 10 vehicles on its 3rd anniversary, big plans for 2020

Three years ago, the international brand of supermarket chain SPAR, was officially introduced in the Albanian Market. Upon his arrival in Albania, Spar immediately brought innovation, standard, qualified service to the customers as well as new and unique products that were introduced simultaneously in the European Market.

Spar trades 55,000 of output of which 50,000 local and 2,900 fresh products.

The company is a provider of the best Italian, Austrian, German specialty from SPAR International from the best European manufacturers.

In these three years in the market, Spar managed to expand its network of stores by expanding to the largest cities in the country, with the sole aim of being ever closer to the consumer.

In just three years, Spar managed to open 58 markets in Albania and about 1,200 new jobs.

3rd anniversary offers

On the occasion of this three year anniversary, Spar has launched the “Still More!” Campaign featuring thousands of customer offers, hundreds of Spar products, thousands of new premium quality products.

There are prizes for every purchase worth over 1,000 ALL. It is enough to choose one of the products of the partner brands in the lottery and immediately every buyer can become a participant in the game finalized with the donation of 10 cars. The draw will be valid until January 7, 2020 and the winners will be announced on January 12 of the same year.

Spar’s continued expansion

During September Spar Albania finalized the purchase of another supermarket chain, the Hippo chain. In this way Spar Albania opened the doors of 7 other supermarkets in Tirana, which will now carry his logo.
The markets in question, scattered throughout the capital’s highlights and with a consolidated experience and success, have been dressed in the new Spar colors and are now available to all consumers, offering Spar Albania’s diverse assortment of products.
Through this step, the Balfin Group company increases its presence in every neighborhood of Tirana, both in urban areas and in the suburbs.
With its ambitious expansion plan, by the end of this year Spar will have a full 60 supermarkets and hypermarkets all over the country.
Moving at a fast pace, SPAR Albania in just 3 years of operation in our country, has secured a considerable market space and has won the hearts of consumers in every neighborhood and city where it is located.
With 35,109 sqm of retail space in just 3 years, Spar Albania has become the second largest network in the country and the aim is to become the largest network in the least amount of time. SPAR Albania has created an ambitious expansion plan in Albania, which foresees the opening of 100 supermarkets and 10 hypermarkets, which will cover the entire territory of the country.

The only network in Albania with hypermarkets

Spar serves an average of 19,489 customers per day, with special care and always available to each and every one of their clients.
Another very positive element that differentiates Spar Albania in the whole market is that it is the only network that has 3 large hypermarkets, two of which are in Tirana, in which the variety of the assortment is exceptional. At Interspar hypermarkets, consumers can find everything from delicatessen, bio products, flavors from the world to textiles and utensils.

Spar Albania’s Executive Director, Elona Hametaj, made a brief overview of the company’s achievements and challenges so far and addressed a message to clients as follows:
“We wish to celebrate this anniversary with you joyfully. We started it together and today we are together again, but older, wiser and always ready to commit even more, on the road to improvement in the next stages.
What awaits us is a big deal, a challenge that with your continued support and loyalty will be much easier and much nicer. The contribution of our company will be even greater in terms of social and environmental responsibility activities because we considerate our role in improving the lives of our clients in the communities we operate.
We do have 3 years today! We wish that for decades to come, we will be together again, even more in numbers, and happier. Our vision is to move forward by never compromising our values ​​and standards. You are the heart of everything we do and we will never stop in our journey until all of you choose the same name, that of Spar Albania”
– said Hametaj.

Spar is a well-known international brand, with a presence and activity in over 42 different countries around the world including the European continent, Australia, Africa and Asia and in large and consolidated markets.