March 30, 2022
Tirana Bank contributes to Kamza’s green areas

Tirana Bank gave its contribution to the increase of green spaces in Kamza, under the motto “Green, Plant, Recycle”. Representatives of Tirana Bank engaged in planting trees in the​​ Lake Paskuqan area.

The CEO of Tirana Bank, Dritan Mustafa, present at this event, emphasized that: “Tirana Bank will continue its commitment to increase green spaces, as a smart investment for the future of the city and society. It’s an important message to pass on to future generations that the greenery of the cities and areas where we live is essential to the quality of life and the standards of the community.”

The Mayor of Kamza, Rakip Suli, thanked Tirana Bank for joining the park project, which today numbers 11,600 trees.

Tirana Bank, as part of BALFIN Group, is active in supporting its various social responsibility projects, where the environment is one of the main pillars.