April 5, 2024
A leader like Eltion Koçi: Teamwork exceeds targets

Eltion Koçi – Director of Sales, Balfin Real Estate

A professional who attributes success to teamwork is a leader. Such is Eltion Koçi, Director of Sales at Balfin Real Estate, with a long and dynamic career at BALFIN Group. Positive, cooperative, and simple, it is quite clear from the first contact why Eltion Koçi is an excellent sales professional. But even more impressive are his principles regarding work culture, people and challenge management, which you can discover in his interview below.

Can you describe your professional journey at BALFIN Group?

My journey at BALFIN Group has been a path full of challenges and achievements. I joined BALFIN in 2016, in the position of Group Treasury Manager, after 10 years in the banking sector. The time in this position was very challenging as I had to work in a very fast-paced environment. At the same time, it was a very good moment that made me grow even further professionally.

In 2019, Tirana Bank became part of BALFIN Group, and I returned to banking in the position of Branch Network Director, Retail Division. Already used to the rhythm of BALFIN, it was quite natural for me to ask to join a team as dynamic as Retail’s. This was also a time with many challenges, such as the adaptation of the staff to the new shareholder, the need for a strong increase in business volumes, the pandemic, etc. But I can proudly say that thanks to everyone’s commitment, we succeeded in making Tirana Bank one of the main actors of the local banking system again in a few years.

In 2022, I returned to business in the role of Sales Director, Balfin Real Estate, a position I still hold today. It was also a natural transition to an even more dynamic and challenging position. This moment also marks the peak of my career so far.

The moment Eltion Koçi knew that he had made the right decision to work at BALFIN Group

I don’t think there was a specific moment when I knew I had made the right decision. It has been an accumulation of moments and experiences, pleasant and not so pleasant, that have made me understand that with determination, integrity, passion and desire to move forward, this Group gives everyone the opportunity to grow professionally and also build a career. Thanks to the enormous growth that the Group has had over the years, anyone who has the desire and will to move forward is given the opportunity, even in a faster time than anywhere else.

What are you most proud of in your career?

I am very proud that through teamwork, we have managed to regularly exceed our targets and ensure sustainable and long-term growth.

What is the biggest challenge for the Director of Sales at Balfin Real Estate?

The biggest challenge of the Director of Sales at Balfin Real Estate is dealing with the constant changes in this industry and finding successful strategies to capture the expectations of the Group. To achieve this, it is important to be ready to adapt to changes at any time and develop new strategies based on these developments.

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What are the most important qualities or skills for a sales professional in the real estate industry?

In the real estate industry, the qualities of a sales professional are many. Specifically, excellent communication skills, thorough knowledge of the project with its competitive advantages and disadvantages, analytical skills, and time management skills are essential for success in this field.

How does Balfin Real Estate’s Director of Sales motivate his team to excel in their roles?

I don’t like the management style of the leader who does everything, “one man show”. One-handed leadership and micromanaging may bring short-term results but hinders the team’s long-term development while demotivating it. Tasks and responsibilities should be delegated according to each position, giving everyone the opportunity to make their real contribution. Leaders should also motivate the team by providing ongoing support, rewarding their achievements, and creating a work environment that stimulates critical thinking.

What is something that can only happen at Balfin Real Estate?

One of the things that can only happen in Balfin Real Estate is the opportunity to work on large and diverse projects that affect the development of the community and the country’s economy. There are few companies that offer you the opportunity to be involved in a project from the stages of its conception to its full completion.

Thanks to this involvement, BRE offers unique opportunities to develop careers and influence business growth and development.

A message to all readers:

In your professional career, it is important to be passionate and energetic about what you do, and to be committed to achieving your goals. If you feel motivated and engaged in your work, you will excel in any challenge you face.

Also, we should all make sure to create a positive and productive work environment by encouraging each other to continuously improve. Cooperation and dedication are the keys to success in any field.