February 2, 2024
Ledieta Gjoka’s 17 years at Tirana Bank, her second home

Ledieta Gjoka – Assistant Branch Manager, Tirana Bank

Tirana Bank prides itself with the valuable people who have been working with the same passion for years, like Ledieta Gjoka. Now the Assistant Manager of a branch in the capital, her 17-year journey at Tirana Bank is one that at core demonstrates growth – both hers and the financial institution’s where she works, which she fondly refers to as her “second home”.

How Tirana Bank became Ledieta’s second home, and how Ledieta is a model of success, both in terms of professional achievements and relationships at Tirana Bank, you can find out in her interview below.

Ledieta, tell us a little about your professional journey at Tirana Bank.

I first got to know Tirana Bank as a customer. My ambition and desire to work in the banking sector made me consider it and get involved. I joined Tirana Bank in 2007 as a Teller at the Highway Branch. I was one of the first employees of this branch. Having worked there for over 16 years, I consider the branch and the bank as a whole as my second home.

What were some of the significant challenges you faced? How did you overcome them?

The beginning was not easy, referring not only to my experience, but also to the changes, the dynamics of the bank’s development, as well as the care and approach to the client.

I worked with dedication and love for my job, as I consider it important to love what you do. And today I say with complete conviction that this has been one of the strengths that has helped me overcome every challenge, successfully cope with changes, and continue to contribute to Tirana Bank with the same passion.

What would you consider the key career moments that contributed to your progression within the bank?

The highlight of my career I would call the year 2018, when I covered the position of Senior Customer Service. I was fully involved with the management of branch operations, and this made me feel professionally grown. I believe it has enabled my arrival here today as the Assistant Park Branch Manager.

What are you most proud of in your career at Tirana Bank?

I feel honored that I have made continuous progress and that I have always been focused so that the work and dedication can be attributed to the branch and specifically Tirana Bank, where I have been working for almost 17 years. What I appreciate the most are the colleagues I worked with, old and new, with and without experience, whom all without exception have something you can learn from.

I am proud of the relationships I have created over the years with my experience, everything I have achieved with care in my daily work, and every challenge we have gone through together in the growth of Tirana Bank.

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What is something that can only happen at Tirana Bank?

I would point out with conviction that it is like a big family that welcomes and treats the customer very kindly, creating a very warm approach to meeting their needs.

Do you remember the best day you had at work?

I would say there are many. Usually, the end of the year holiday finds us together with all the staff to be closer to each other, humbly appreciating how important the relationships we create at work are, not only personally but also in setting goals and achieving them as a team.

What was the moment when you knew you had made the right decision to work at Tirana Bank?

Recently, with the transition to my new position, I felt appreciation for the efforts of my years. I realized that I was on the right path and that my work is what I want to do with will, passion, and dedication.

What advice would you give to individuals who aspire to have a successful career like you in the banking industry, especially in Tirana Bank?

For those who aspire to have a long-term career in the banking system, the advice I would give them is to work with dedication and perseverance to achieve their objectives, love the work they do, and constantly strive to build positive relationships with others.

Years pass very quickly, and it is very important to feel like a part of the whole that we have greatly contributed to, in the life of everyone who has been our fellow traveler, a fellow traveler of Tirana Bank.