May 4, 2023
BALFIN Group participates in the Western Balkans ESG Summit in Montenegro

BALFIN Group was a participant at the Western Balkans ESG Summit in Montenegro, the first major regional event dedicated to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) topics. The event brought together sustainability experts, government, and business leaders for a 360 inspection of the global approach set to disrupt markets in South-East Europe. As a strategic regional actor in real estate development, energy, and beyond with 30 years of experience, BALFIN Group brought to the summit its insights on building smart, sustainable, and resilient cities.

The event featured keynote presentations and interactive panel discussions on critical ESG themes such as sustainable finance, green transition, and green innovation. In addition, more than 450 attendees had the opportunity to learn about the most forward-thinking technologies and future business models.

Introducing new concepts with ESG in mind

Leons Tuda, Investment Advisor to the CEO, represented BALFIN Group’s stance with regard to sustainable infrastructure and building a net-zero future as one of the key panelists exploring a carbon-neutral shift in the region. “In every project of BALFIN Group, we try to capture the characteristics of the area by preserving and enhancing them both in the environmental and the social impact. We invest in using construction materials and technologies that provide energy and water consumption reduction. A very interesting case scenario is Green Coast Village that we are currently developing, where only 10% of the total surface area will undergo construction, following the natural terrain configuration and minimizing landscape invasion. Meanwhile, 64,000 m2 is designated to serve as green corridors to preserve the existing vegetation and collect water to reduce the overall consumption.”

Furthermore, Tuda mentioned the sustainable properties of Vlora Marina’s development, part of BALFIN Group’s project portfolio. The flagship marina is set to completely transform a pollution-inducing industrial port in the heart of the city into a commercial harbor and energy-efficient residential complex, constructed with locally sourced and recyclable materials.

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The Summit, organized by ESG-specialized consultant Sustineri Partners, aspires to become the flagship annual sustainability event for the region. 

BALFIN Group is a commended partner for many significant international companies and financial institutions in all the countries where it operates. Its participation in organizations that drive positive change for businesses and society is part of its role in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, its CSR activities served approximately 30,000 beneficiaries, as per 2022 data. With several green initiatives, urban and touristic projects catalyzing sustainable growth in their respective areas, the Group fulfills its commitment to apply the best international practices in all its operations.