March 9, 2022
BALFIN Group, signatory of WEPs on International Day of Women

As a signatory of Women’s Empowerment Principles, BALFIN Group re-affirmed its commitment to take bigger and faster steps to empower women in the workplace and community.

During a meeting with representatives of UN Women in Albania, Edlira Muka, CEO of BALFIN Group, stated that BALFIN Group is creating a working environment where all individuals can express the best of their abilities, encouraging women’s empowerment across organization and taking care that their contribution is duly recognized. Corporate governance practices of BALFIN Group are based on international standards and governed by own values, so that they guarantee fairness and sustainability in all actions.

The UN Women Representative to Albania, Michele Ribotta, was pleased to hear that Women’s Empowerment Principles are an integral part of values of BALFIN Group, and that they are applied in its everyday work. He specifically noted women quota and their positions in the hierarchy of the BALFIN Group, which can act as a leader in driving such efforts, and as a model for others in the private sector to join and promote the Women’s Empowerment Principles.

Women’s Empowerment Principles are established by UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact. They enable companies to evaluate and assess their policies and practices and to identify areas for improvement.