July 9, 2021
General Wesley K. Clark joins BALFIN Training Academy as a special guest during his visit in Tirana

On July 9th, BALFIN Group employees had the honorable opportunity of attending General Wesley Clark’s open lecture on security, and COVID-19’s impact on geopolitics and the economy, as a BALFIN Training Academy special session. A renowned author and honorary advisor on security and economy, General Wesley Clark was the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO from 1997 to 2000.

“At BALFIN Training Academy, we have occasionally invited personalities with a special contribution in various fields, who have shared their knowledge and experiences with us. Today, we have the honor of having here someone who does not need many presentations, General Wesley Clark. We are happy that he accepted the invitation of the President of BALFIN group, Mr. Samir Mane, to share with us his ideas regarding security and the impact that COVID-19 will have on geopolitics and the economy,” said Eni Ceco, Recruitment & Career Development Manager at BALFIN Group.

General Clark shared his vast experience throughout the years in the military, politics and business. He talked about the global pandemic’s effects on the world, geopolitics and the economy. Reminding the audience how important it is to cooperate and rise above obstacles, he said: “Even in the toughest times, people can do wonderful things.”

Having done extensive work in diplomacy and conflict resolution in Balkans, General Clark is a connoisseur of the region in terms of strategic development and economy. Recalling his NATO appointment and time in the Balkans, General Clark said: “People in the region understand that they must cooperate. The Balkans have some very serious, hardworking people. And you’re part of it. You’re BALFIN.”

General Clark emphasized the importance of innovation, inclusiveness and international cooperation, especially among youth. “You must be able to work inter-culturally. You must be open to new ideas and challenges, and you must open up the Balkans to the world. I’m looking at you right now and I see how young you are. I’m thinking about the next 20-30 years of your life and what you are going to accomplish. The world is open to you, you must be open to the world and make the most of the opportunities available to you. And I know you will, here in BALFIN.”

General Clark thanked BALFIN Group President, Mr. Samir Mane, for the special invitation of joining BALFIN Training Academy as a special guest speaker.

Continuous growth and development is an essential part of BALFIN Group’s culture. The demand for continuous improvement is recognized and acted upon through the strategic plan with two main products: Talent Pool and BALFIN Training Academy. BALFIN Training Academy is a testimonial of BALFIN Group’s commitment to employee development programs and proactive corporate culture.